8 Signs That You’ve Eaten Too Much At Thanksgiving

Men, wondering if you’ve indulged a little too much during your Thanksgiving dinner? Here are some top signs that you have:

  • At any point during dinner you use the phrase, “I really shouldn’t but…”
  • After dinner you change into sweatpants
  • Your sweatpants don’t fit
  • You’re sweating…Cool Whip
  • You would use any of the words to describe the way you feel: bloated, ballooned, or blimpy
  • Your mother feels compelled to tell everyone that you’re big boned
  • You find yourself licking out any form of food container
  • You eat leftovers…on Thanksgiving


  • Jennifer Altrogge says:

    Very funny…just wait til your metabolism slows down…you’ll look like the man on the right.

  • Trillia says:

    These are too funny Stephen! I especially like the your sweat pants don’t fit and you eat left overs on Thanksgiving! That’s great. Also, thanks for the football tip! I blew it tonight though- Tennessee looked like they were going to lose so I told Thern (my wonderful hubby) “Well, at least it was an exciting game!” We laughed…the Vols pulled it out!

  • Stephen Altrogge says:


    If I stick to my strict regimen of exercise once a month I should be in good shape…


    Glad the sports tips helped. The Vols game was a good one!

  • beth says:

    I’m happy the Vols did well…
    only because I know Mr. Kittrell loves them and dad gave me that sweatshirt…
    (those are the kinds of comments you hate…)

    this post is kind of like “How not to eat your way sick on Thanksgiving”

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