Having A Baby Changes Everything


Charis 2

I’ve always been pro-life. When I was little my parents explained to me what it meant that a political candidate was pro-choice, and instructed me that as Christians we should be pro-life. So I rooted for the original George Bush, and when it came time for me to cast my vote, I voted for the current George Bush.

But having a baby has changed everything for me. Before Charis was born, I was pro-life in my head. Now I’m pro-life in my heart. It wasn’t until after Charis was born that I understood what abortion really meant.

I look at my baby girl and my heart is filled with incredible affection for her. It’s hard for me to believe that I could love a little person so much, especially one who poops and pukes like Charis, but I do. I love feeling her little hand grasp mine, and seeing her smile up at me from her crib. I love the “what-are-you-feeding-me?” look that comes across her face when Jen feeds her sweet potatoes. It makes me smile when I see her sucking on her feet like Popsicles. I deeply love Charis. She is precious.

The thought of Charis, or any other baby, being aborted grieves me. I need to be clear. I don’t hate abortionists or people that have abortions. In the glorious gospel there is power to forgive every sin, including abortion. And my heart is just as wicked as the heart of any person that has performed or had an abortion. If you’re reading this and you’ve had an abortion, God can (and wants to) completely forgive you, because he killed his son.

But the thought of millions of babies dying every year deeply saddens my heart. When I hold Charis, and kiss her velvety head, and then think about abortion, my heart sinks. I feel that I should do something, must do something. I can’t sit idly by while so many babies die.

So what should I do? What should we do as Christians? Above all else, we should pray. Let’s pray to our sovereign, almighty, compassionate God, and ask him to bring the practice of abortion to a decisive end. Let’s pray that whoever is elected as president this year would work to bring abortion to an end. Let’s pray that God would raise up men and women like William Wilberforce to labor tirelessly on behalf of the unborn. And let’s pray for those who perform abortions and have abortions. Let’s pray that they would come to know the wonderful, cleansing, saving grace of God.

Today, pray that God would bring abortion to an end. When you think of your kids, or grandkids, or nieces, or nephews, let that remind you to pray. Let’s ask God to do mighty things!



  • fredokie says:

    Steven, Your post is an encouragement and spot on. Many years ago we were facing a decision to abort or not because of surgery performed on my wife during the first few weeks of pregnancy. (we did not know at the time she was even pregnant.) As new Christians we knew abortion was wrong (head knowledge) but because it was OUR baby growing inside with potential life threatening problems, it became personal. It was a very difficult and painful nine months for us not knowing what our baby would look like or what problems we faced, but we made a decision that no matter what happened God would provide for us. We chose heart over head and God blessed us with a beautiful daughter. We truly understand the emotions one goes through when faced with a decision like this but without the grace and mercy of God the Father, we would be lost.

  • Stephen Altrogge says:


    Thanks for sharing this story. God is always so good to provide for us when we choose to obey him.

    We truly are dependent on the grace of God!

  • Chelsea says:

    In addition to prayer, it’s so important to support the moms who want to choose life. I’ve spent time tutoring at a school for pregnant teens, and I’ve seen how uphill the road is for a 16-year-old mom. The Christians who run this school do a great job of loving these girls in tangible ways. From babysitting to mentoring, there are so many ways for the church to love single moms.

    I also think we need to make adoption more appealing. These girls were all keeping their babies; they’ve all heard horror stories about adoptive parents. But adopting a child is such an amazing way to praise God for adopting us into His family. I’m praying that I’ll get that chance someday.

    Choosing life takes a lot of effort. It would be such a powerful witness if Christians were known for coming alongside people facing this decision and sharing their burden.

  • After being blessed with daughter with no health problems, God blessed us with a son with a chromosome disorder. He was a high risk pregnancy. After one of the ultrasound sessions, in which we saw his twisted, distorted, yet beautiful feet, a doctor came in and announced to us that it was time to “discuss our options”. We politely waited for him to actually suggest that the pregnancy be terminated before explaining that we had already made arrangements to see a orthopedic surgeon to discuss our REAL options.

    I’m with you , Stephen, a big difference between having a pro-life head and a pro-life heart.

    (as an aside, after much prayer, surgeries, therapy, and great special needs teachers, he is a well adapted, amazingling intelligent, active 8 year old boy.)

  • Lillian King says:

    i love women with beautiful feet. they are cute and unique.`:”

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