Important Changes to The Blazing Center


Things are getting busy. In two months Jen and I will leave good ‘ol Indiana, PA to attend the Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastor’s College in Gaithersburg, MD. From what I understand, I will be kept pretty darn busy. When you combine that with other projects my dad and I are involved in, like song writing, professional wrestling, and snake handling, it makes for a busy life.

So with that in mind, we’ve decided that for the time being we’re going to cut back from five posts a week to three (not including weekend stuff like videos of Kobe Bryant jumping over pools of fire).

So stay tuned! If you haven’t yet subscribed to The Blazing Center, you can do that by clicking HERE. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some wrestling moves to practice.

photo by greg westfall


  • Sara says:


    Congrats on going to PC! Yes, having attended the recent PC graduation, you guys are kept really busy. This is wise for you to look ahead and plan accordingly.

    Also, I just wanted to say, I read the e-version of the book you wrote about your dad. Yep, I read all 100+ pages of it. Well done. I think you honored your dad excellently. I enjoy your written voice, if that makes sense.


  • B. Minich says:

    Ohhhh, yes! 9 months with Stephen in short driving distance!

    We should have some weekend where you come up here and the Bells come down here in Frederick, and we have a rip roaring time or something.

    Frederick has all sorts of great places to eat out, or we could just hang out at my place. (Lord willing, I’ll have my own place by then.)

  • Stephen Altrogge says:

    Sara – Thanks for your encouragement about the book.

    Brando – You better believe it. We’ll be rockin’ the town of Frederick.

  • Eric says:

    A wise move. The work load is relentless!

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