Favorite Olympic Moments

It’s now official: I love the olympics. The competition, the comraderie, endless Bob Costas – it’s all great. Here’s my favorite Olympic moments thus far:

  • The American men beating on the French in the 4×100 Freestyle after the French said: “We will smash the Americans.” Note to all athletes: if you want to be humiliated, saying that you will smash your opponent is a good way to get there.
  • Michael Phelps winning – count ’em – eight golden medallions, thus making him the most decorated athlete in Olympic history.
  • Oprah Winfrey winning the 110 meter hurdles.
  • Seeing the US of A men’s basketball team playing like they care. They haven’t performed so well in recent years, being beaten by Argentina in the 2004 games and a boy scout troop in 2006. Now it looks like they might be on their way to gold.
  • Watching freakishly tall (6′ 9″) Phil Dalhausser spike a beach volleyball at upwards of 600 mph.

Your turn. Favorite Olympic moments?

Stephen Altrogge

I'm a husband, dad, writer, & Mixed Martial Arts Salsa Dancing Champion. I created The Blazing Center. I've also written some books which people seem to like. You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook

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