Favorite Olympic Moments

It’s now official: I love the olympics. The competition, the comraderie, endless Bob Costas – it’s all great. Here’s my favorite Olympic moments thus far:

  • The American men beating on the French in the 4×100 Freestyle after the French said: “We will smash the Americans.” Note to all athletes: if you want to be humiliated, saying that you will smash your opponent is a good way to get there.
  • Michael Phelps winning – count ‘em – eight golden medallions, thus making him the most decorated athlete in Olympic history.
  • Oprah Winfrey winning the 110 meter hurdles.
  • Seeing the US of A men’s basketball team playing like they care. They haven’t performed so well in recent years, being beaten by Argentina in the 2004 games and a boy scout troop in 2006. Now it looks like they might be on their way to gold.
  • Watching freakishly tall (6′ 9″) Phil Dalhausser spike a beach volleyball at upwards of 600 mph.

Your turn. Favorite Olympic moments?


  • Emily says:

    haha. oprah?? hurdles??? :D

    i loved watching the women’s marathon. the fact that they can run 26 miles in 2 hours and 26 minutes is something that my little brain can’t even process!

    and the sprinters? incredible!

  • Didn’t get to watch very much of the Olympics…but, I did watch the Men’s 110M Hurtle. That was pretty cool!

  • Wendy says:

    Michael Phelps? Amazing.
    But I have to give credit where credit is due- Jason Lezak. Even after watch the replay of the 4×100 freestyle relay, I am still amazed that he was able to beat the French in that last leg. Wow!! That is probably on the top of my list.

    And then the fact that Michael Phelps managed to win the butterfly, despite the fact that his goggles filled with water as soon as he dived in and he basically swam the race blind. I heard on the radio that he said that he counted his strokes to know where he was in the pool. Wow.

    And the men’s gymnastics team- the fact that they won bronze in the team event, despite the fact that they did not have the Hamm brothers and going into it everyone said that they didn’t have a chance to do well.

    Okay- those are probably my tops.

  • Courtney says:

    Shoot! I missed Oprah doing the hurdles!

    We have thoroughly enjoyed watching Phelps. Wow. He is something else. The behind the scenes pieces are fun too. It was so interesting to learn from his mom that he has ADHD and that’s the reason for the earbuds before the race and why he has such a structured eat, sleep, swim lifestyle. Anything beyond that and he gets overly distracted and unable to concentrate.

    I also was excited for Nastia Lukin when she won the women’s all-around. Something about the one not expected to win coming in and blowing everyone away is just great.

    Aren’t those Jamaicans crazy fast?! I am just in awe watching them! My brother-in-law is Jamaican and he actually knows a lot of the runners which makes it super cool. He’s almost 40 now and he is still ridiculously fast. I think it was in the 2000 Olympics that he could have been on the Jamaican team, but he chose to stay in Tulsa at ORU with his wife and finish his degree instead of going back to Jamaica. He had run against and won races with many of the guys who did make the team though.

  • Trillia says:

    My favorite moments:

    1. Hearing that Kobe Bryant speaks about 5 different languages! And seeing a sincere desire for the B-ball team to represent the USA with honor.

    2. Phelps- same as everyone eles.

    3. The fact that there was a black swimmer in the Olympics. You never see that! And he helped when the gold. I thought it was great!

    4. I enjoyed watching the final men’s volleyball match. The not so tall guy ran over and kissed his wife which I thought was sweet. A reporter asked him, “Can it get any better than this?” He paused and replied, “In beach volleyball- it can’t.” I liked that because he seemed to put it all in the right perspective.

    OK- those are some of mine.:)

  • Sara says:

    Phil Dalhausser blocking the Brazilians not one, not two, but three successive times and then winning the men’s gold medal beach v-ball match with another block.

    The Thin Beast – ’nuff said.

  • michael phelps, for sure. just all of it. but that relay was incredible. i was screaming at my television haha

    then seeing how genuinely happy the US men’s gymnastics team was when they got the bronze–jonathan horton was just so enthused and excited!

    phil dalhausser blocking one spike after another (is that the correct terminology?)

    usain bolt cruising across the freaking finish line and still breaking the world record in the 100 (and winning gold to boot!) He puts passages like “and they will run and not grow tired” into perspective. haha all of us are usain bolt (but better!) on Christ’s power!

  • Stephen Altrogge says:

    Has anyone found it frustrating that many of the events are not shown on TV? For example, I know this may sound weird, but I’ve really wanted to see some table tennis. I love seeing how crazy those games get. But alas, apparently nobody else wants to watch table tennis.

  • Steven says:

    Stephen, if you wanted to watch the table tennis you should have been watching in Australia – one of the stations covered almost all of the table tennis action, though the results weren’t overly dramatic (China swept the medals in both mens and women…)

    My favourite Olympic moment was from a few years back in Sydney 2000 – the US team said they would smash the AUS team like guitars in the 4x 100m freestyle relay. When we beat them our boys got up and started playing air guitars to rub it in…

    However probably the best moment of these Olympics was during the 50km walk (I know…is that really a sport?!). One of the European walkers was next to one of our Aussie walkers and as they passed the drinks table the Euro walker stretched out, grabbed a bottle of water and passed it to his Aussie competitor… what a strange but brilliant moment of sportsmanship :)

  • Steven says:

    Oh…I forgot to mention ‘Eric The Eel’ from the Sydney Olympics – that swimmer from some obscure African nation who took 15 odd minutes to swim 100m freestyle (the first time he had ever swam in an Olympic swimming pool). We Aussies loved him!

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