Edwards On Electing Grace

This quote by Jonathan Edwards is breathtaking:

Make God the peculiar object of your praises. The doctrine [of electing grace] shows what great reason you have to do so. If God so values you, set so much by you, has bestowed greater mercies upon you than on all the ungodly in the world, is it too little a requital for you to make God the peculiar object of your praise and thankfulness? If God so distinguishes you with his mercies, you ought to distinguish yourself in his praises. You should make it your great care and study how to glorify that God who has been so peculiarly merciful to you. And this, rather, because there was nothing peculiar in you differing you from any other person that moved God to deal thus peculiarly by you: you were as unworthy to be set by as thousands of others that are not regarded of God, and are cast away by him forever as worthless and filthy.
Quoted in Chosen For Life by Sam Storms

If you are a Christian, it is because God has shown you peculiar mercy. He chose to pour out mercy upon you, not because of anything good in you, but because of His sovereign grace. Why did he save you and not your neighbor? Why do you know Christ, but your parents don’t? Because for some reason, God chose to pour out lavish mercy upon you. This should cause our hearts to explode in loud praise for the Lord. Take time today to sing the praises of the God who saved you.

Originally published on June 20, 2007

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  1. Erik & Christie says

    Great Quote, Outstanding book, Mind-Boggling doctrine, and an Awe-inspireing, infinite & perfect GOD. Sounds like a decent post to me.

  2. says

    Hey there Stephen,

    Calvinism used to scare me a lot. I used to think what if I'm not chosen? what if I just think that God has chosen me but in reality I haven't been chosen at all. I remember reading Knowing God by J.I. Packer on a plane one time and I had to stop because I was so afraid of the doctrines of grace. I have since come to realize that just my very concern about those things was an indication that I am one of God's adopted sons, not by anything that I have done, it's only by his amazing, sovereign grace that I am one of his!

    I want to be distinguished by praise and I truly long to know God better and to be a student of how to bring him more glory in my life!


    Ron Reffett

  3. Stephen Altrogge says

    Emily – You’re right. It’s impossible to think about these things for long without being amazed and praising God.

    Ron – Thanks for humbly sharing. It seems that the more we understand the doctrines of grace the more beautiful they are.

  4. says

    Its good to keep our toes dipped in only a little of this doctrine, because it gets bizzare when you really plunged into it. i wouldn’t say im a calvanist, but i wouldn’t say i wasn’t.

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