You’re Not the Point of the Gospels


Last week I had the privelege of hearing Jeff Purswell teach for an entire week on the gospels. During one of the sessions he made a very profound, very simple point: We’re not the main point of the gospels.

We often bring a very me-centered view to the gospels. We read in Mark about Jesus calming a powerful storm with an even more powerful word and then we think, “Yes, Jesus is the one who stills the storms in my life as well.” This may be true, but Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John weren’t primarily writing about a Jesus who meets our needs. They were writing about God stepping into time and accomplishing our salvation. In other words:

The gospels portray Jesus in order to elicit our faith and worship, not primarily in order to show us how he can meet our needs.

That puts a different spin on things doesn’t it? So the next time you sit down to read one of the evangelists, don’t let your first question be, “What does this tell me about me?” Try one of the following questions instead (all courtesy of Jeff):

  • What is there in these verses that causes me to stand in awe of Christ?
  • What is there in these verses that causes me to love Christ more?
  • What is there in these verses that demonstrates the all-sufficiency of Christ for a particular area in my life?

As you ponder the verses in front of you, ask God to show you more of Christ, not more of yourself. I think you’ll find Christ a much better subject to study!

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