The Tsunami Of Grace


Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned? (RO 5.12)

When Adam rebelled against God, sin entered the world and infected human nature, with devastating results.? It would seem like sin is the most powerful force in the world.? It?s the cause of all human misery: death, AIDS, cancer, World Wars, slavery, child pornography, the Holocaust, mental disorders, divorce, child abuse, rape, murder, drug addiction, alcoholism, and all injustice in the world.

In addition, sin severs us from God, and brings down upon our heads the judgment and the retribution of God against our transgressions.? Is there anything more powerful than sin?

Yes. The abounding, expanding, empowering grace of God in Jesus Christ.

For if, because of one man’s trespass, death reigned through that one man, much more will those who receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man Jesus Christ (RO 5.17).

Sin kills us, brings us into condemnation, and under its tyrannical reign.? But God?s grace in Christ comes in like a tsunami and restores us to life, enwraps us in Christ?s own righteousness, then lifts us up to reign with Christ in life and eternity.

Grace powerfully raises us from death to life, from the depths of sin to our original state of innocence before God.? But it lifts us higher still.? It clothes us with the very righteousness of Christ, his record of 33 years of flawless obedience.? Then the tsunami of abundant grace floods us with power to reign in life through Christ.

Jesus death “did more than simply provide a way for fallen mankind to be restored to the state of Adam’s original innocence. Jesus Christ not only reversed the curse of death by forgiving and cleansing from sin but provided the way for redeemed man to share in the full righteousness and glory of God.” –John MacArthur

Picture sin as a spider.? It sinks its fangs into us and poisons us and then we die.? And then it wraps us up in its web.? We?re dead, enslaved, and hopeless.? But almighty grace tears us free from the web, injects life back into us, then changes us into beautiful butterflies, and then into birds and then into angels.? Grace does so much more than merely restore us to our original condition.

What hope believers have!? God?s abounding, expanding, tsunami of grace rescues and raises and gives us the gift of righteousness and empowers us to reign with Jesus forever.? No matter what sins you?re battling, take hope ? grace is far, far greater.

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  • Emily says:

    Mark, thank you for your encouragement. Sin is so powerful and strong and its so easy to see that as the most powerful force there is. It enslaves so many areas of my life and I spend so much effort every day attmpting to kill gross sins that need to die so that I can be more Christlike. Its just so easy to get caught in that web.

    wow. grace is bigger than all that. what a powerful truth. what a needed reminder. i just get all wrapped up in the web of “look how big my sin is” and i miss grace. i miss the gospel. but look how huge it is… wow.

    thanks. that picture of the tsunami is so accurate – it doesn’t minimize my sins, it simply maximizes God and His abundant, overflowing grace to me. that really does give hope – hope not in my own ability to change, but hope in God. thanks.

  • “It would seem like sin is the most powerful force in the world.”

    When I read this I immediately thought of 1 Peter 1:5 & Romans 1:12…

    How powerful God’s grace is that it can overcome sin. That same power resides in us and gives us the power to change. That power guards us. Wow! That is exciting news!!!

  • I meant Ro. 1:16…sorry

  • Ron Reffett says:

    Hey Mark!
    Another wonderful reminder this morning! Thank You!
    Grace truly is greater than our sin, I was just thinking about that this morning. How I tend to strangle myself with my own two hands and do the things that I don’t want to do. Sin is always present with me even when I try to do the “good” things.
    CJ Mahaney talks about God leaving post it notes for us, I’m truly thankful for the HUGE post it note of grace that the Lord leaves for us everyday, Let my eyes be opened to that grace, I so want it to affect my life in a greater way!
    I’m really thankful for you, Mark. Thank you again for another wonderful reminder that it’s all of grace, nothing more and nothing less, praise His name!
    Ron Reffett

  • Manet says:

    Good day, Mark. Thank you for this post. This truth seems so far away when one is in a state of losing focus on the Christian life. Indeed God is sovereign, it was no accident that He led me to read this post. I badly needed this encouragement. It is such a difficult task to mortify the flesh, but yes God’s grace is greater, more powerful than how I could imagine it to be.

  • Hey Emily,

    God’s grace is at work transforming you! Five years from now you won’t believe the incredible changes and victories God’s grace will have worked in your life. Thanks for your comments!

    Hey Yeller,

    It is exciting news! God’s grace is even more powerful than we can imagine. I appreciate your immediately thinking of Scripture!

    Hi Ron,

    What a great metaphor – God leaving post-it notes for us. Our Lord is powerfully at work in your life, doing far more than you can think, ask or imagine! Thanks for your constant encouragement.

    Hi Manet,

    Isn’t our God good to sovereignly lead us to things we need to read? Lately Jesus has led me to read “The Godly Man’s Refuge” by John Flavel, in his “Works” and the Lord has been speaking powerfully to me through it. To me, this section is worth buying the whole set. Also his book “The Mystery of Providence” is incredibly encouraging. Thank you for letting me know you were encouraged.

  • Emily says:

    thanks mark, that’s so encouraging to think about! i can’t believe all He’s done in the past 5 years. to think He’ll do it all over again in the next 5… and then again in the next 5… wow! that’s so amazing

  • Emily,

    You haven’t seen anything yet! God is going to do more than you can think, ask or imagine in your life.

  • Alex Long says:

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