Super Bowl Number Six Baby!

My fingernails are chewed raw and my adrenal glands are shot. My heart still hasn’t composed itself. My eyes feel like burning from staring at the screen without blinking. Simply put, it was a hard fought game but I managed to pull it out. I yelled “miss it” at just the right times and told James Harrison to “never look back” when he intercepted the ball and returned it for a touchdown. I was NOT responsible for the fact that Casey Hampton was wearing what appeared to be a pee-wee football helmet.

So here’s a little tribute to the boyz (can I use a ‘z’?) in Black & Gold.


  • B. Minich says:

    This is pretty awesome.

  • Briana says:

    Love the video; loved the game more..esp. the end! WOO HOO STEELERS!!!!

  • Sara says:

    So my husband and I weren’t the only ones crying, “Get that man a bigger helmet!” It looked like the school play ran out of size large costumes!

  • Megan Liz says:

    My family are Cardinal fans. (Should I put a laugh or cry emoticon here?) I seriously had no loyalties either way…I thought James Harrison’s run was amazing, though.

  • Thomas Clay says:

    I was an old St. Louis Cardinals football fan (for a while) but have always been a Steelers fan completely. If our Steel-town guys would have lost to anyone, I would have wanted it to be the birds led by a (seemingly) great man in Warner.

    Gotta love me some Big Ben!!

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