Where’s Stephen?

So you may have noticed that in recent days I have been re-posting some early blog posts. Try and guess why:

  • I’ve joined a Swedish scooter gang and now spend most of my days wearing trendy Euro clothes, zipping around town, and listening to music by Steppenwolf.
  • I’ve taken up professional wrestling and have desperately been trying to come up with a ring name. Possibilities: Croc Rock, Smooth Like Butter, Skooter Skeeter, or Timothy.
  • I’m getting back to nature. I no longer use a computer. I eat strictly organic foods, wear pants made of organic cotton, and drink lots of soy products.
  • My time at the Pastor’s College is coming to an end. I’ve been spending my time furiously writing, reading, and starting revivals. Kidding about the last part.

Life is at full tilt right now. I’m rounding third base. I can see the finish line. It’s the fourth quarter. Round twelve. Mile twenty-six. The ninth inning. I can’t think of any more sports analogies. You get the point.

Back in action soon.

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