I’m a Greedy, Discontented Pig



Discontentment does funny things to me. Like turn me into a greedy, ungrateful pig.

Point in case: my budget. There are times when money is a teensy bit on the tight side. My bank account starts running thin, and the McDonald?s value menu starts to look like a little bit of heaven. You?ve all been there.

You would think that when things get tight I would become more grateful for the things that I already have. But that?s not what happens. Instead, my discontented heart latches on to the one or two things I can?t buy because of budget restrictions.

I?m living in a wonderful house. I?ve got the best wife, baby girl, mom and dad, brothers and sister, and dogs (okay scratch the dogs) in the world. I have ten Bibles in my house. I have enough money to keep my daughter full of nutritious food. I have clean water. Above anything else, I have the gospel. Salvation. Fellowship with the living God.

But in the heat of discontentment, I don?t give a rip about any of these things. Instead, I become fixated on the one or two things I can?t have. Instead of bursting with gratefulness to God, I?m shriveling up with self-centered discontent.

Thomas Watson put it well when he said:

?our hearts are more discontented at one loss than thankful for a hundred mercies. God has plucked one branch of grapes from you, but how many precious clusters are left behind?

So what?s the solution for my mutinous, discontented heart? I need to spend time pondering the mercies of God. To reflect on the gospel and all the blessings that I?ve received in the gospel. To give thanks for all that I have received.

Discontentment doesn?t grow well in the soil of thankfulness. Let?s cultivate the soil of thankfulness today.

What about you? Can you relate to my discontented frenzy?

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  • Greg B says:

    Great thoughts! I am reading Watsons All Things For Good and man is it humbling to listen to Puritans talk about suffering and day to day anxiety with such joy and humility!

    Why did you change your theme for the blog?


  • Hey Greg – I changed the theme mainly because I got tired of the old one. Plus, I liked the look of this one. That’s it!

  • Jennifer says:

    Definitely been there, and definitely have done that. What great timing, since I was actually reflecting on my lack of thankfulness last night. Thanks for the encouraging reminder, Stephen! There is always something to be thankful for, especially with salvation and the gospel in the picture.

  • Oh ya, I can identify.

    By the way, the two posts that I’ve saved from here on Bloglines have a picture of a shark and a pig, respectively. Normally, I don’t know how those would relate (it’s an interesting mental picture), but as a sinner, I can put them together in my own heart.

    Thanks for the reminder (though I just read Psalm 50 this morning and should have gotten the thanksgiving cue from there).

  • Jennifer – You’re right, the gospel ALWAYS provides us with something huge to be thankful for. I need to be reminded of that daily!

  • Terry – I wonder if one of those pictures represents me and the other represents my dad.

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