Load Bearer


?The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone? (LK 20.17)

Cornerstone: “A stone placed at the corner of the building to bear the stress and weight of the two walls. Thus, it is the crucial stone in the building.” — Expositor’s Bible Commentary

God has placed Jesus Christ as the cornerstone in our lives to carry the stress and weight of all we must carry, like a load bearing wall in a building which conducts weight from upper structures to the foundation.? Jesus doesn’t expect us to bear the full weight of our trials.? Our afflictions can be so much lighter if we can remember that Jesus desires to uphold us, like a mighty pillar lifting up a cathedral dome.

Our temptation in trials is to trust other things besides Christ to sustain us, to look to other things for refuge and comfort.? But a double cheeseburger is only going to provide stress relief for about 1 minute and seven seconds – depending on how fast you eat.? A new Land Rover or laptop might distract a bit longer, but nothing can sustain us like the One who upholds the universe by his Word.

Jesus said, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.? Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.? For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.? (Mt 11.28-30).

Jesus longs to bear our loads.? That’s why he invites us to come to him, be yoked to him and let him carry the weight.? When Jesus is our cornerstone, he shoulders the stress; we enjoy the rest, for he endured the crushing weight of God’s wrath on the cross so we can enjoy God’s grace.

When we see Jesus face to face, he’ll say of our trials that seem so weighty now, “I bore the heavy part, but I let you experience just enough to keep you seeking me.? I let you carry just enough to shape you into my likeness.? You experienced .001%, while I handled the rest.”

So keep resting on the Cornerstone, the Load-Bearer, whose everlasting arms are always underneath you.

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  • LakesideCouple says:

    Nice site Stephen! Ypu both worked very hard to do the work of the Lord. (hope you see Wesleyans aren’t that far out.) lol!
    Remember the Beatitudes
    we Catholics are taught them early on
    but are not held to them tightly enough
    or sermonized enough to make any
    difference in this world… considering we are
    the Largest denomination of Christians
    on this earth. Pray for us as well!

  • Hi Lakeside Couple!

    Thanks for your encouraging words to us. We love every brother and sister who loves the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of denomination….


  • All Wesleyans welcome!

  • Ron Reffett says:

    Hey Mark,
    Great stuff today! What a great reminder that we do not have to bear our burdens alone, Jesus will bear them for us if we’ll just humble ourselves and roll our cares onto Him. I just heard a great teaching on this by James MacDonald entitled, “Why God?” dealing with all of the trials that God allows in our lives. Our tendency is to want to move out from underneath the load, when God wants us to stay underneath it with Christ so that we can gain strength in Him and to be more reliant on our Father who is totally sovereign! What a great God that we serve, He takes care of us even in the midst of overwhelming circumstances, He is so good!
    Thanks for the encouraging word on this fine Monday!
    Ron Reffett

  • Hi Ron,

    Sounds like a great teaching by James MacDonald – I think there are many reasons God doesn’t remove our trials right away – like you said, to teach us to gain strength in Christ and rely on our Father. He builds our faith, increases our perseverance and faithfulness, and shows us that when we are weak he is strong. And I’ve also seen that he strengthens us to go through even greater trials by his grace, all so that he gets the glory.

  • emily says:

    thanks. this was very helpful. the last couple of years my life has gone from one trial to another. had you told me two years ago, i would have said there’s no possible way i could make it through the intensity of them all. but what’s been encouraging to me is to see that through every wave, my God has been incredibly faithful.

    “i let you experience just enough to keep you seeking me” i’m so grateful that we can have the confidence to know ahead of time (and in the middle of trials) that our trials are not designed to crush us, but simply to press us more deeply into Christ. thanks!

  • Hi Emily,

    Like you, if Jesus would have shown me everything I would have had to go through over the years, I would have fainted from the start. But he takes us one day at a time and displays his mighty power in each trial. I like your comment “our trials are not designed to crush us, but simply to press us more deeply into Christ.” Well said!

  • Thank you for such a great post!

    It is so refreshing to read how Christ is always there, and we can depend on him in any circumstance – no matter how testing or severe.

    The world seems so full of shallow advice and self help theories – finding sites like this is a true blessing.

    God Bless!

  • Hey Chad,

    Thank you for your truly encouraging comments.

  • Thank you! That’s just what I needed to hear this morning!

  • Hi Yeller,

    Thanks….I’m grateful the Lord would encourage you through it.

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