Affection For God’s Motley Crew



When I was in college, I looked down on pretty much everyone who wasn’t like me.

As an art major, I disdained business majors, because they were so uncreative all they could do was crunch numbers (I sure love them now though, especially when it comes to me getting a paycheck).? I looked askance at all other majors actually.? I even looked down on other art majors.? I was a painting major, so I sneered at pottery majors, who weren’t creative enough to paint, so they made pots out of mud in the basement of the art building.? Sculpture majors were a rung up the ladder, like a caterpillar might be above a garden slug.? Yep, I was disgustingly arrogant.

Then Jesus rescued me.

Jesus puts unlikely characters together.? He joins us to people we’d never choose for friends.? I’m sure lots of those in our church wouldn’t have chosen to live their life with the likes of me, as likable as I fancy myself to be.? But Jesus gives believers his own affection for each other.

For God is my witness, how I yearn for you all with the affection of Christ Jesus (PHP 1.8).

In the church artists love businessmen.? Athletes love computer geeks.? Geeks love hunters.? Hunters love musicians.

This kind of tender care for others is supernatural.? It’s not the natural affection of friends or lovers but the very affection of Jesus Christ for his blood-bought people.

Let’s pray for this kind of love for our brothers and sisters.? Before you go to the Sunday meeting or care group, ask Jesus to give you his own affection for the saints.? Before you meet with that brother who offended you, ask Jesus to fill your heart with tender concern for him.? Before you get together with that sister who can’t seem to overcome her sin remember you’re about to meet with someone Jesus yearns for.

Ask Jesus to give you his own deep affection for that motley crew known as your church.

photo by tgrt

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