Pray Like the Pitbull Widow



The widow is relentless with her requests. She comes before the judge day after day, singing the same song: “Give me justice against my adversary…” (Lk. 18:3).

The judge is selfish, heartless, and profane. He has no compassion for others and doesn’t give a rip about God.

The widow’s plea falls on the judge’s deaf ears. What did he tell her? Go to someone who cares. Go ask someone else. Sorry you’re out of luck.

But the widow is a pitbull. She won’t let go. She comes before the judge every day with the same request. She won’t stop, can’t stop asking. The judge is being ground into the submission by the pesky widow.

Finally the judge can’t take it anymore. He’s been pulverized, one faithful request at a time:

Though I neither fear God nor respect man, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will give her justice, so that she will not beat me down by her continual coming.

Why does Jesus tell this parable?

…that they ought always to pray and not lose heart

The judge doesn’t feel a beat of compassion for the widow or an ounce of reverence for God. Yet because of the widow’s persistence he grants her request. Our God overflows with compassion for his blood-bought children. They are precious in his sight. His ear is inclined to their cries. He shepherds them, walks with them, and INVITES them to bring him their requests.

Every request. All the time. God wants us to be in prayerful dependence on him. He listens, and he responds to faithful, repeated requests.

Always pray, don’t lose heart.

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  • Shelby says:

    Loved this post; my prayer life is something that, for some reason I don’t understand, I struggle with a bit. Great job!

  • Shelby – I’m glad you found the post helpful! Prayer is something I often struggle with too!

  • Holly says:

    A friend just recommended this blog to me because he liked the writing style; so do I. Great pitbull-widow analogy, effective and surprising image that sticks in my mind. The post reminds me of God’s reassurance that when we ask for bread He won’t give us a stone, for even earthly fathers don’t do so, and He is so much better than any earthly father. If a heartless judge eventually answers, our more loving judge will surely answer. Thanks for sharing!

  • Holly – I’m glad you found this post helpful. I so often forget that God is my father and is eager to answer prayer. I need to be reminded to keep asking!

  • Susan says:

    This comment was especially useful as I deal with a landlord who knowingly used water billed to my meter to supply other areas of our apartment building. They have not responded to my request for reimbursement as of yet, and I desire justice. It is wonderful to be reminded of the widow’s perseverance and at the same time her humble mode of appeal (not demand–not attack–not threat). It is not unloving to appeal for justice! Thanks for the scripture I can ponder as I pray about this.

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