Politicians vs. THE Politician



Depending on your politics, you fall into one of three categories:

  • You believe that Barack Obama is singlehandedly destroying this country.
  • You believe that Barack Obama is rescuing this country.
  • You like hamburgers. And you?re not sure about Barack.

If you fall into one of the first two categories, you?re probably aware that people are seriously fired up right now. Hordes of protesters recently descended onto Washington DC to protest Obama?s health care plan. Parents were fired up when Mr. President decided to address school children on the first day of school. I actually heard someone use the word ?impeachment? recently.

I?m not to going play political analyst in this post. I?ll leave that up to smarter, more godly men like Al Mohler. I simply want to remind us of one truth:

When thinking about politics, we must first remember The Great Politician.

Politics tend to bring out two responses in us. The first is panic. Barack Obama is bringing this country to the brink of ruin! Our children and grandchildren are going to face an apocalypse!

The second response is anger. I can?t believe what is happening in Congress. They?re killing us! This country is becoming a socialist nation!

Both of these responses forget one magnificent truth: God is The Great Politician who rules and reigns.

Proverbs 21:1 says:

The king?s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will.

Barack Obama makes his plans and authors legislation that is thousands of pages long. But ultimately, Barack Obama doesn?t lift a finger without God ordaining it. God is using Obama exactly as he pleases. God is the one directing Obama?s heart, and Obama?s plans are nothing more than a tiny sub-clause in God?s sovereign plan.

God is used to working with people in high places. He hardened Pharaohs? heart, and He raised up King David. He humbled Nebuchadnezzar, and He exalted Solomon. Kings and Presidents are like tiny streams of water in the hands of God, and He does with them as He pleases.

The next time you?re tempted to panic or anger, remember The Great Politician. He knows what He?s doing.

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  • Elizabeth says:

    I was having these same type of thoughts yesterday…

    “…the Most High God rules the kingdom of mankind and sets over it whom he will” (Daniel 4:25, 32; 5:21, ESV).

    Provers 21:1 reminds us that nothing can happen apart from God’s sovereign control. He only allows what is in keeping with His purposes to bring about His kingdom. Therefore, we can praise Him in the midst of uncertainty because He is in control! :D

  • Seth says:

    Thanks for being willing to put your thoughts on the line with regards to politics. While I respect and agree with the reality of the sovereignty of God and rejoice to hear any articulation of it, I take issue with a few ideas in your post. First, is it fitting to refer to God as the Great Politician? What understanding of the title of politician are you using here? Second: Is it fair to place everyone in those 2 categories? I believe we can be and should be deeply concerned with a number of the current admin’s policies and still embrace the sovereignty of God and the comfort found therein. Third: In light of this admin’s position towards pre-born human life that Christians hold to be created in the image of God, there is a clear call for action and protest and consistent prayer regarding such destructive policy. It is important to embrace GodKs sovereignty but to only embrace it and fail to act against such grave evil and injustice in whatever way a person possibly can seems to be a massive theological failure. Our trust in God should lead to robust action… I know you agree or you wouldn’t write. However, your use of this theology seemed to be missing this call to act? Your thoughts friend?

  • Jason D says:

    Amen! a good reminder!!!

  • Seth –

    Good questions. I think the title “Great Politician” can be applied to God, in the sense that a king is involved in politics. Our king happens to be God, and he rules over all politics. The term was used more as a literary device than a literal picture of God as a politician.

    Second, no not everyone falls into those two categories. Because there is such a wide spectrum of politics I chose the two polar extremes for the sake of making the point. And, since so many people are getting so fired up, I think a lot of people gravitate toward those extremes.

    Third, I absolutely believe that action is called for in the issue of abortion. And yet, our attitude matters in that arena as well. Every action I take against abortion (and I am wholeheartedly opposed to it) must be done with a firm grasp on the sovereignty of God. If I didn’t hold fast to the sovereignty of God I would have despaired the moment Obama was sworn into office. But because I know that God is in control, I don’t need to be gripped by fear as I consider the abortion issue. It concerns me, and I want to act, but I don’t want to be motivated by panic.


  • Trinity says:

    Thank you! And thank God my savior’s not in the white house!

  • Sue says:

    You forgot the 4th category – not from USA ;)

  • Caroline says:

    What comfort to know that our great God is in complete control of everythin. Let us always focus on His nature and thus there will be no room for panic:)

  • Ron says:

    A great reminder of our need to trust in the great king. Even though the current administration does not reflect the conservative position on abortion this does not justify demonizing the person as some are doing. But for the grace of God, many conservatives could hold a similar position. Let’s keep in mind the need to respect the presidential office even if we don’t agree with its current office holder’s position on abortion. I think David’s respect for the highest office in the land in his time can/should be a model for conservatives today “….I will not put out my hand against my lord, for he is the Lord’s annointed” 1Sam 24:10. I encourage all conservatives to not let fear determine their actions and instead, cultivate a heart of faith to inform one’s attitude and behavior as it relates to politics and all other things.

  • S.M. says:

    Ron-while I agree that we need to have faith to inform our attitude and behavior, and not to fear, I have to ask–are you clear on ALL the reasons we are so up in arms with what this administration is doing? This goes far beyond abortion–in fact, that isn’t even 10% of what we are upset about. There is so much happening, so fast, that it is hard to explain it all to someone who hasn’t been following it.

    Obama is creating his own government and nullifying the checks and balances that are supposed to protect us. Our constitutional rights are being violated and our liberties are being taken away. The government that he is establishing is a very intrusive, dictatorial government run by VERY radical people. Have you taken the time to read the health care bill that was first proposed? Do you know who wrote this 1,000+ page bill? Do you know who designed the stimulus plan?

    Behind Obama is another host of people who are working to bring America down. They have brought him to power.

    Behind them is the enemy (Satan). For we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood (people) but with spiritual forces of evil.

    And our enemies are amassing against us. Don’t be fooled. China and Russia are not our friends. They are part of several alliances that are working to conquer America. They ARE planning war against America–here on our own soil, soon, while our soldiers are far away.

    I am neither a democrat nor a republican. I have always believed the pendulum swings one way and then the other, and that was ok. But now someone has taken hold of the pendulum–and yanked it loose!

    Under normal circumstances, I agree with all you all are saying-but these are extraordinary times!

    Yes, God is using Obama as He wills–as a foreshadowing of the antichrist, and as a wake up call. Have you considered that He may WANT us to wake up and panic at how far into corruption and moral decay our country has slid?

    It stands out to me that the history of America, in prophecy, is not written yet! I have a strong sense that God is waiting to see what we will do. I believe the choice we make is critical! America is the spokesman for democracy and freedom in a world that is rapidly being swallowed up by dictators again.

    I believe He is giving us an opportunity to help hold back and delay what is coming upon the world. What we do now means a lot, to freedom loving people all over the world. God inspired the founding of this country and the principles on which it runs. Do we let this great light of hope (America) be extinguished?

    He has protected us for over 200 years, but we are now so deep in sin that He has had to remove His protection from us. Yes, He is in control, but our relationship with Him now is different, because of our sin. He wants us to take notice of the correction He is giving us and repent!

    I have wrestled with whether to remain silent and just deal with whatever happens and look out for myself or to fight with all that is in me. I believe each of us has to make that decision for himself, because God’s path for each of us is different.

    But I believe it is time for everyone to find out what is going on, and how that fits with God’s word and plan, and actually make that choice. Better we do it now, while we can still possibly see victory in turning back the evil that is inundating the world. While America can yet again be a shining light in the darkness, a testimony of God to the world. While we still have the opportunity to be free.

    Yes, it is all in God’s hands, but there is a time for us to act, and know that He is with us! Although the ‘end times’ prophecies are beginning to be fulfilled, I still believe we are at a place where we can postpone it, for a few years, or maybe a generation.

    The Lord appoints watchmen,and prophets. Not everyone has the same gift and not everyone, on their own, is aware when danger looms. We need to realize that the God who loves us is using them to protect us and wake us up. So many voices are sounding the alarm. God is calling us to WAKE UP NOW!

    We (Christians) are so ‘lukewarm’ and complacent–He is getting ready to ‘spit us out’ of his mouth (Rev. 3:16). And our country has sunk so deep into sin that He is getting ready to allow our enemies to enact His judgment upon us.

    All of this just to WAKE US UP, so that we will humble ourselves, repent, and turn from our wickedness. Then, He will heal our land. And then we’d better fight like heck!

    It is not about race, or politics, it is about waking up to find ourselves drowning because we’ve driven off the road. That is why we are in such a panic! We are realizing we should have been doing more,for a long time now, and that we are now nearly out of time to do anything.

    Are we ready to act now, while we still have something left-or will we just sit by until all we have is lost?

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