Did I Ever Tell You You’re My Hero?

inside card 4 scaled

front card 5 scaled

We ask you, brothers, to respect those who labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work (1 TH 5.12-13).

A couple weeks ago, I attended a “Pastors Appreciation Breakfast” at the local Christian School, Seeds of Faith Academy, a great school where some kids from our church go.? About 20 of us pastors were welcomed by a huge banner that read “You Are Our Heroes.”? After breakfast we attended “chapel” with the kids, then each pastor posed for a photo with children from his church, who gave him handmade cards like this one:

front card 1 scaled

I’m so grateful for Seeds of Faith, their teachers, these sweet kids and the hard work they put in on the cards.? I truly was honored.? But I did have to chuckle a couple times.? Check these out…

Inside card 1 scaled

My fellow pastor, Joe,? is the hero here.? They must have thought he was coming to the breakfast then, uh oh, here comes Mark, not Joe.? Quick, anybody got a pencil?? Scribble in between the lines “and Mark.”? Good.? He’ll never know the difference.

How about this one:

Inside card 2 scaled

This child goes to another church but must have gotten confused and joined me for the photo. ?? He or she must have posed for the picture, realized I was not their pastor, ripped the name off, then ran for the coatroom.

I like this one:

inside card 3 scaled

I wonder how he got Pastor Cameron.? There are no pastors I know in the area by that name. ? Looks like his teacher wrote the name.? She must have asked who his pastor was.? Ummmmm, his name is, his name is, ummmmmmm – his eyes dart from side to side.? Then he looks over at his friend Cameron.? My pastor is ummmmm, Pastor….. Cameron.

How about this one:

inside card 4 scaled

He called me Pastor Brad.? Another kid from a different church.? Obviously the kid loves his pastor, but must not know what Pastor Brad looks like, since he posed for a photo with me.? If the guy at the top of the picture is Pastor Brad, no wonder the kid loves him.? It looks like Pastor Brad’s knocking himself silly with a hammer.? I would have liked that as a kid.

Check out this last card:

inside card 5 scaled

Could there be any greater honor for a pastor?? I’m so grateful he considers me a good pastor and friend, and especially that he thinks I’m funny!


  • Steve says:

    Yes, Mark, you are quite the comidian, and you’re funny, too.

  • Kevin says:

    Steve… errr, Bob… uhmmm, oh yeah, that’s right ? Matt.

    Anyway, good post to teach us all a little humility. I’m sure we could talk about how a teacher of a class of young kids wants to show the pastor some love, inspires her class to do this project even though the kids don’t really know what’s going on for whom or why. But that’s another point for another day.

    One of the things I so thoroughly delight in about pastoring a small church is all the kids know me and I know them. When it’s time for the Children’s Sermon, they storm the front (I’m sure it’s because they know 2 out of every 5 times they’re getting a treat at the end, but hey, I’ll take their presence up there any day). They greet me after the service. When I see them in a store or in their yards, I love hearing “Hey, Pastor Kevin!” Am I their hero? Don’t know, don’t care. I’m their pastor and I love that.

    God bless you, Mark (see, I did remember)

  • From lips of children,
    Infants, He has ordained praise,
    And little heart checks :)

  • Hi Christian Haiku,

    Very creative! Amen. I edited my original version. I realized it didn’t convey my thankfulness for these wonderful children. I just thought the cards were really cute and funny. Thank you!

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for these excellent comments. I truly know these kids wanted to show their love and honor to me, and I didn’t express that in my first draft. I don’t know that I’m any kind of hero to these kids, but I too love interacting with the kids in our church. I appreciate your heart that you expressed here.

  • Thanks Steve,

    I think most of the time it’s because of my faux pas’s (what’s the plural for faux pas?) and goof ups, but if people get a laugh out of it, that’s ok.

  • This really made us laugh…
    Arie made the one with the bible and the fish. I felt bad when he told me about the morning and how he had to rip his card…when he realized it was to go to you. Being new to Soveriegn Grace, he had the wrong Pastor’s name on it (“Joe”). Arie was pretty excited when Daddy called to tell him that his artwork was on a blog. So now you really are his hero. Know that we are thankful for you guys and you are our “heros”:).

  • Your Name says:

    Aww, that was so sweet I’ve gotta go take an insulin injection STAT.

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I’m glad you guys got a laugh out of it. Hey no problem with the wrong name. I got a kick out of it. Thanks for your kind words!

  • Hey Your Name,

    Hope you recovered.

  • Jordan says:

    Ha! I especially liked the Pastor Cameron one!

  • Caroline says:

    I love kids and the one quality I like is their honesty :)

  • Hi Jordan,

    Maybe I’ll change my name.

  • Hi Caroline,

    Yeah, they tell it like it is.

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