What Kind Of Clothes Does God Wear?



You are clothed with splendor and majesty,
covering yourself with light as with a garment (PS 104.1-2)

The Psalmist poetically compares the creation with God?s clothing.? We can?t see God, but he shows us something of himself by his “clothing” – the creation.

Charles Spurgeon says ?Garments both conceal and reveal a person, and [so does the creation] of God.?

The universe both conceals and reveals God.? It conceals God ? we can?t see him in his infinite glory as he really is.? It also reveals God ? the majesty of the heavens and the beauty of the earth hints at how infinitely glorious, breathtaking and marvelous Jesus Christ must be.

?It makes us feel how altogether inconceivable the personal glory of the Lord must be; if light itself is but his garment and veil, what must be the blazing splendor of his own essential being!?? (Spurgeon).

?All of nature can only hint at God?s greatness, just as a person?s clothing can only give a suggestion of what the person is really like.?? (Michael E. Travers)

The trees where I live in Western Pennsylvania are in full fall splendor now.? The colors are almost neon at times, they burn and glow with incandescence.? I’m almost ravished by beauty of creation at times.? What will the sight of Jesus’ face do to me?? I can’t wait.

How does the creation point you to the glory of Christ?

photo by VancityAllie


  • Dan says:

    As a sailor, I see God most through the ocean. I look out some evenings while I’m underway and I’m awestruck by the sunset. While in a storm, I sense the absolutely power that God has through the waves (and think about Christ’s footprints). While clipping along and watching dolphins, I get a sense of his creative genius. God has shown me a lot about his Glory. It’s pretty amazing!

  • Wow, Dan,

    We go to the beach every summer, so I can in some small way relate to what you’re talking about – something about the vastness of the ocean and the incredible variety of fish and life in it that speaks of God’s glory…

    You must be continually in awe of the Lord…thanks for commenting!

  • Lisa says:

    I like to think about all the cool (and very colorful!) stuff that they’ve discovered at the very bottom of the very deepest part of the ocean, plant and animal life that, for years and years, man didn’t even know existed! All I can figure is that God created it for his own enjoyment and delight :-) and then, when the time was right, he saw fit to allow us to enjoy it too. How kind of him! All the beautiful, strange, and amazing fish and other sea life just speaks to me of God’s great creativity and glory and love of beauty.
    I also like to contemplate the very very small and the very very large…. like, how many quarks are there in the universe? (I’m not a scientist, but a scientist once explained to me that a quark is the smallest piece that matter can be broken down into, or at least close to it.) :-) Considering both the vastness of space and the tiny-ness of microscopy is deliciously mind-boggling and just moves me to worship.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Great thoughts! I agree, all the incredible creatures in the ocean display God’s glory! When you figure out how many quarks are in the universe, let me know. Thanks so much for your comments.

  • Caroline says:

    Working in a Design college I am always surrounded by creativity and color.. something that amazes me is the variety of colors we are surrounded with, the sunset, the rays through the clouds, the ocean, the flowers, the grass, the fish and many more..its just mind blowing. For me God is the Ultimate Designer :)

  • Luke M. says:


    I’ve been going out for drives in the country in the last couple weeks. The fall colors are so beautiful to me, I almost drive off the road sometimes… God What makes it even better is that I got a new proscription of glasses recently so I can see everything with perfect sharpness and brilliance. God has made us with a capacity to be shocked and enchanted and blown away by beauty, I can’t wait to see Jesus!

  • Hey Luke,

    My concern is with your new prescription, you’ll be shocked when you look at me. I like this: shocked and enchanted and blown away with beauty – great comment!

  • Hi Caroline,

    I was an art major in college. When God saved me, I too had new eyes to see the glory of God in sunsets, clouds, the ocean, flowers – yesterday I picked up a fall leaf and was astounded at the colors and textures. Amen – God is the Ultimate Designer.

  • Grace says:

    The Creator created Adam and Eve in His image; clothed them with the garment of light, but after they sinned, the light departed, and they were left naked. But the Savior came to cover our nakedness with His Robe of Righteousness, and at His second coming, in a twinkling of an eye, we'll be changed into glorious body with garment of light on. We'll C Good face 2 face. YES!

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