Extreme Makeover – Heaven Edition

I love the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I’m not an emotional guy, but I always get choked up when I watch the show. I just can’t help it.

One of the reasons that I love the show is because it’s a faint echo of what each Christian will experience when he or she comes face to face with Christ in heaven. For example:

Wrong Made Right

The show revolves around wrongs being righted. A family loses its house in a fire or a mom contracts leukemia and can’t live in her old, mildew-ridden house. By the end of the show however, everything is made right, and is even better than before. The homeless family receives a luxurious mansion tailored for their special needs. The family sheds tears of relief, because their hardship has been transformed into beauty.

Heaven is going to be the same way, but infinitely greater. Every injustice made right. Every tear wiped away. Perfect safety and peace in the presence of our Savior. Everything that has been twisted and torn by sin will be made right on the final day. Ty Pennington and his crew can make some things right. Jesus will make all things right.

Extravagant Generosity

The folks on the Extreme Makeover team take creative generosity to a new level. They build a house for a ravaged family and then pay the mortgage in full. They create a special bedroom for each person that reflects that person’s passions and desires. They raise money for the family and send kids to college. They bring in celebrities and do food drives.

The result? The end of every show is one “Oh my goodness” after another. The family is blown out of the water by the unmerited generosity they’ve received.

We’re going to experience the same feeling when we stand before Christ and are rewarded for our obedience. We’re going to exclaim, “You’re going to reward me? For that little act of service that was stained by sin? Oh my goodness. I don’t deserve this.” And then, as we’re overwhelmed by gratitude, we’ll cast our crowns back at the feet of the Savior.

The Loud Crowd

The family is always welcomed to their new home by a crowd that is going absolutely bananas. The people want to communicate their affection to the family and they want to see the family’s reaction to the new house. And so the crowd is screaming and giving high-fives and yelling, “Move that bus!”

We’re going to be embraced by a crowd in heaven. A multitude of saints awaits us, cheering us on even now, urging us to the finish line. When we arrive in heaven, we’ll hear their thunderous applause and shouts of, “You made it! I’m so glad you’re here! Isn’t God good?” Then we’ll hear the words we’ve always longed to hear: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Finally Home

Every show concludes with Ty Pennington saying, “Welcome home family, welcome home.” The exiled family finally has a place to call home, a place for peace and rest.

We are exiles as well. As Randy Alcorn says, we were made for a person and a place. That person is Jesus, that place is heaven. When we arrive in heaven, we’ll immediately sense, this is the home I was always longing for. We’ll be with Jesus in the place we were made for. We’ll finally be home.

Do you like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?

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