1. Rachel McC says

    Well, my 5 yr old Piper Joy says: "I liked the music." My crazy 3 yr old red head Silas says "I yiked it…where's the drums?!" (he LOVES drums) They stayed glued to the screen–if it's not good they usually wander away :) And they were nodding/moving with the chorus, so if you wanted it, there's some kid feedback!

  2. Beth says

    Of my 3 children only 2 are musical. My 3 year old came running and said he liked it and my 10 month old started dancing, sounds good to us:)

  3. Dennis says

    I really like the song! The content is great, and it's a catchy tune. I wonder if the range is a bit wide for younger kids to sing – not that they would worry about that! :)

      • Bob Reiter says

        Stephen I just wanted to let you know that your message Sundays morning was so great . It was clear and simple for me to understand. I saw and listened to a gifted speaker that spent hours preparing his message. God blessed your this passed Sunday morning and as a result he blessed me too thru you. Thank you for hard work and everything you do in caring for us all. your friend Bob

  4. says

    Four comments:

    1. really liked it. I am not the first in line to listen to kid's music, so this is pretty amazing.
    2. I see you chose to NOT include the verse about "knows where the bodies are buried". wise decision.
    3. I could have sworn I saw a dolphin being harmed. I'll watch it again.
    4. We are never going to know what the "mother embarrasing joke" was, are we?

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