Little Things Matter



Little things.? We can think they don’t matter much.? Little acts of kindness, little deeds of service.? Or little compromises, little sins.? Do these little things matter?

“Life is largely a mosaic of little events and little deeds. It is the decision we make when a cashier at the supermarket gives us too much change, or the waiter at the restaurant understates our bill, that reveals whether we are honest or not. It may seem as if I tend to trivialize life by frequently using illustrations of sins that some consider not too big an issue. But the truth is, it is in the minutia of life where most of us live day after day. We seldom have to say no to an outright temptation to adultery. We often have to say no to the temptation to the lustful look or thought. And as some unknown person has said, “He that despises little things shall fall little by little.” — Jerry Bridges

Think small this week.? What little thing can you do for the Lord?? What little thing can you do to bless someone?? What “little” sin should you confess to someone?


  • Elaine says:

    Little deeds often have big consequences. When my children were very young, we were loading up the van after an exhausting trip to the local supercenter. Finally, all the bags were loaded and there it was….a lone item which had missed being scanned and missed being paid for. Probably something I grabbed on impluse and probably something I didn't need. How frustrating – I hesitated…and looked up to see my little ones watching Mom with big eyes, "What is Mom going to do?" Conviction came quickly. I picked up the item, locked up the van, and walked from the back forty of the parking lot with my tired little children to pay for an item that I wasn't convinced I wanted in the first place. But we all learned a lesson that day: my children were reminded that stealing is wrong, no matter the circumstances and I learned to always double check my cart before leaving the store.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Great story Elaine! You taught your children something truly important and great in that small act, which I bet they'll never forget.

  • JackW says:

    I think that John Wesley said something to the effect that there can be no small sin lest there be a small god. Point being that we have a really big God and we seem to always want to make Him a little smaller. Luke 16:10 “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.” A good reminder Mark and I wouldn’t be surprised that if we focused more on taking care of the smaller stuff, the larger stuff would diminish. Instead I tend to look at the larger stuff and neglect the smaller stuff. Thanks!

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Thanks Jack – and thanks for mentioning Luke 16.10 and what Wesley said – I've never heard it before.

  • Russ says:

    Great post. Is the bridges quote from respectable sins? My small group is working its way through it right now and I seemed to remember reading something like that quote.

  • Before coming here, I found this post about the importance of the little things, the "disposable" things. It went really well with what you're saying here… it's like the practical application of the concepts given here.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Hi Russ,

    It's from The Discipline of Grace, p. 209. I wouldn't be surprised if Jerry Bridges hits similar things in other books tho.

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Hi Marshall – I checked out the post – yep, lots of good ideas for doing little things to bless others. Thanks!

  • You're welcome. I loved how I read them back to back. God is good… all the time!

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

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