Contemplate Beauty



I enjoy looking paintings, photos and other beautiful works of art.

I take pleasure in the way Edward Hopper paints light, the luminous bands of Mark Rothko paintings and the overlapping washes of Morris Lewis.? God has designed us to contemplate and enjoy beauty.

And nothing brings more joy than contemplating the excellence and attributes of Christ.

According to the excellence of the object that we embrace in our hearts is the degree of our happiness… according to the degree of our enjoyment of God is the true degree our happiness. — George Swinnock

Meditate on Jesus’ infinite beauty and holiness. Gaze upon the breath-taking mountain peaks of his sovereignty and greatness. Linger long upon the infinite love he displayed for you on the cross. Observe the ocean depths of his wisdom and genius of his providences. See his tender compassion toward vile sinners.? Delight in his long-suffering patience and forbearance.? Savor often the truth that he never changes.

Make a list of God’s attributes.

Once a week or so take a few minutes to praise him for his majesty, splendor, glory, compassion, mercy, goodness, faithfulness and steadfast love. Write down as many as you can.? As you dwell on the Lord’s attributes you will find that the excellence of your Object produces happiness in your heart.

Painting by Morris Lewis


  • lisa says:

    "…the…genius of his providences." Great phrase, Mark! So true. LIke the way he made those prickly things that stick to your clothes and your dog and then allowed that guy to be inspired by that to invent Velcro. That is so cool. And the way magnets work. And fire, water, and gravity, all things that are mixed bags in this fallen world, but because of common grace we need them and have them and they bless us.

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Hey Lisa,

    Velcro – What a great illustration of God's providence and common grace! You're right – if we just look around us, we can see the whole earth is filled with the glory of God. Thanks for your comments!

  • I love this! One of the things I long for more in my own life and the life of the church is this kind of blown-away-awestruck worship of our great God and King! I have just been reading through the OT and am at 1 Chronicles (16?) and have been struck by the reminder that there were thousands of men dedicated to the praise and worship of God – as their full-time job!! Thank you for this good post!

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