How Much Condemnation Is Okay?


How much condemnation is it okay for the Christian to experience?

Many times after I sin, I have a sense that condemnation is okay, that it’s the right, penitent response to sin. As if my feeling of condemnation somehow atones for the sin that I committed against God. As if I need to punish myself for the sin I committed.

I harbor this sense that a little condemnation is good, that it will keep me from sinning and help me repent.

And so sometimes I labor for hours, or even days, under this vague sense of divine displeasure. There is no joy in Stephen on those days. Just the sense that I’m a sinner. End of sentence. Nothing more.

But there really is NO room for condemnation in the Christian life. Paul did not say, ?There is therefore now a little bit of condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

There is no condemnation. Zero. Not one drop.

Condemnation doesn’t please God. It doesn’t make him happy. It doesn’t exalt the work of Jesus, and it doesn’t highlight the free grace of God. Condemnation is centered on self.

I can’t atone for my sin, and it really doesn’t please God when I try.

Jesus was condemned in my place, so I don’t ever have to experience condemnation.

Does anyone else feel like they need to allow a little condemnation into their lives?

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