That’s OK, Tonto, I Can Figure It Out



God commands believers to bear one another’s burdens. ?Implied in this command is that we must allow others to bear our burdens as well. ?To me, this is harder than bearing the burdens of others.

I would rather shoulder my own load and not bother others. ?Sometimes this is because of pride. ?I don?t want to appear weak. ?I don?t want others to know that I?m struggling with discouragement or unbelief.

Many times it?s because of the fear of man, or craving the approval of others that I don?t share my burdens. ?I don?t want others to know I fail as a parent. ?I don?t want others to know I?m having challenges with my teen or that I?ve been harsh or lax. ?I want to look like I have it all together, that I?m the perfect parent.

I don?t want others to know I?ve sinned. ?I don?t like to admit I?ve lied or given a false impression, or given in to lust or anger. ?I don?t want others to know I?ve been living in unbelief. ?I?ll just work through this myself.

Sometimes I fail to let others bear my burdens because I?m unteachable.? I think I can figure things out on my own.? Thanks for your suggestions, Tonto, but I got this one under control. ?After all, I?m the LONE Ranger, remember? ?Maybe the Marlboro Man could use your advice.

We need friends who will ask questions, like, ?How are you doing in your heart? ?Are you tempted to unbelief or discouragement? ?Are you tempted to anger or being cold toward your child? ?Is Facebook a source of temptation for you in the midst of your marriage problems? ?Are you feeling bitter toward that person who sinned against you??

It?s humbling. ?But humility is the path to victory. ?If we seek to cover our sins we won?t prosper, but if we confess and forsake them, we?ll find mercy.

How about you? ?Do you struggle to allow others to bear your burdens?

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  • Petra Hefner says:

    Guilty of all of the above! It is very humbling to admit that I am a weak sinner, not just sometimes but a lot of times. Thanks for the reminder!

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Welcome to the club, Petra!

  • Yes, I definitely have trouble with this… especially with compassion. I know compassion is a good thing, but I don't want anyone to feel compassion for me. And that makes it really, really difficult to be compassionate to others because I can't feel the need.

    It's something I'm working on.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Hey Marshall,

    Thanks for your humility in admitting this. I try to "put on" compassion as we're commanded, but like you I feel uncomfortable when others express compassion toward me. It's harder for me to receive compassion and encouragement than it is for me to give it.

  • Jenn Joshua says:

    YES! I definitely do. I don’t like to make other people take up my cross for me. I feel guilty for consuming their time with my petty struggles. Plus, people often don’t seem to even WANT to hear about other people’s troubles.

    I think that’s the other half of this issue. This problem doesn?t always develop because of people’s unwillingness to be honest, but because of a lack of opportunity to share with someone who truly cares about listening and exhorting.

    I needed this article today. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Caroline says:

    I agree with Petra:( Sad that most of the time i don't share my burdens coz of my pride and fear of man. Somewhere or the other my heart attitude is like," I think i can handle it by myself." But the times that I have opened up to close friend or my mentor, I see the relief as they encourage me and we pray about it.

    The last few statements of the post hit me.
    "But humility is the path to victory. If we seek to cover our sins we won’t prosper, but if we confess and forsake them, we’ll find mercy." Thanks again :)

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