Yep, There’s One For That


I recently got an iPhone. This week I read there are currently 215,539 apps available for download.

I Like the Starbucks app, that locates the nearest store and guides me safely in. And the Dragon app, which turns spoken words to text, so I can send long rambling text messages to my kids without typing. Two days ago I was installing a towel rack in my bathroom, and rather than go to all the trouble of walking out to the garage to grab my level, I downloaded the “Spirit Level” app. It took longer to download than to grab my real one, but now I’m prepared should I ever find myself stranded on a desert island and wonder if a palm branch is level.

As cool as apps are, God has something far more incredible that’s available to all his children, even when there’s no 3g service – his promises.

?God’s goodness inclines him to make his promises, and his faithfulness engages him to keep them.??Thomas Lye

God’s power guarantees he can keep his promises. His wisdom assures us he’ll keep them at the perfect time. His righteousness assures us he’ll never make a false pledge. His graciousness moves him to make hundreds of promises and his love delights to fulfill them.

God’s promises encourage us, fuel our hope, bolster our perseverance, and guide us in prayer. They cover our every need – God promises to save, sustain, provide, protect, perfect, comfort, care for, deliver, delight, revive and refresh us.

So open God’s word, find his promises, believe them, memorize them, pray for them, and thank him in advance for them…Yep, there’s a promise for that.

photo by Erik Mallinson

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I’m a pastor at Saving Grace Church in Indiana, PA. I’m married to Kristi, have 5 kids, and a growing number of grandkids. I’ve written a lot of worship songs. I also like to paint.


  1. JackW says

    Well, I thought this post needed a comment, so here it is!

    My favorite app is Olivetree.
    My favorite promise is …

  2. says

    I thought I wanted an iPhone but where would I find the time for even a tenth of the apps it offers? The Dragon is cool though; wonder if they have something similar for 'regular' cell phones. I'm just too thrilled that I can pray and meet with God without any super gadgets, even if my brain short-circuits and the cat's got my tongue!!

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