Clenched Teeth Obedience

Itís not enough to do Godís will. †It doesnít please God when we obey with clenched teeth.

We need to delight to do Godís will.

“Not only did Jesus do the will of the Father, not only was that His whole goal in life, but Psalm 40:8 tells us that He delighted to do the will of the Father. To become like Jesus, then, is to come to the place where we delight to do the will of God, however sacrificial or unpleasant that will may seem to us at the time, simply because it is His will.” — Jerry Bridges, The Disciplines of Grace

When it comes to obedience, attitude is everything! †If a father tells his son to cut the grass, and the son does it sullenly, grumbling the whole time, even though the son ďobeysĒ his obedience won’t be pleasing to his father. †So when we obey God, we need his grace and the power of the Spirit to obey with glad and cheerful hearts.

Give us your grace, Lord Jesus, not only to do your will today, but to delight to do your will!

photo by amandabhslater


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