Don’t Worry About Your “Ministry”


Over the years, I?ve occasionally had first-time visitors inform me within minutes of meeting them, that they had a teaching ?ministry.?

When I hear this I think, ?We have a ministry of setting up chairs that has a spot just for you.?

I?ve heard people encouraged to ?find their ministry.? ?There are ?spiritual gift assessments? so that you can figure out your particular gifts and potential ministry.

Here?s my advice: Forget trying to figure out your ministry. ?Pursue Jesus and start serving wherever you can.

As a young believer I was concerned because I didn?t know what God was calling me to in life. ?A wise man told me: ?Take care of the depth of your character and the Lord will take care of the breadth of your ministry.?

Have you ever considered that David was 30 when he was installed as king?? What was he doing till then? ?Building his character in obscurity. ?For many years he faithfully served his father by watching sheep – not exactly a glamorous calling. ?Then he spent a long time on the back side of a desert fleeing from Saul, cultivating qualities like trusting God, patience, and faithfulness.

Before God used Moses to deliver Israel from Egypt he spent 40 years in the desert, also tending sheep. ?Little did Moses suspect that his ?ministry? would be to lead God?s flock for 40 years in the desert.

Do you feel like God has somehow ?set you aside?? ?Do you feel like you?re not being very ?useful? or ?successful? in the kingdom? ?Don?t focus on your success, usefulness, or ministry. ?Focus on Christ. ?Pursue him. ?Serve wherever and whenever you can, no matter how insignificant the service. ?God saved you for his glory – he?ll make sure he fulfills his purpose for you.

photo by Reza Vaziri

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  • Caroline says:

    There are times where i feel that I can serve in specific areas and yet God has chosen to keep me to do somethin which I feel is insignificant. But then I realize that he is looking at my heart attitude; am I doin it joyfully unto the Lord giving Him thanks for everythin?

    He is more concerned about the depth of our character. And thank you for bringing that out.

  • Tom says:

    Wow, thanks Mark. APT is a good word.
    Bless you for your blog posts, whether ministry or not, you definitely have a 'pastoral heart'. Thank you.

  • lisa says:

    Mark, since you mentioned it in passing, I'm curious what your opinion is of spiritual gifts evaluations. Are you fur 'em or agin 'em?
    Seriously, I understand the point of the post, but do you think there is a legitimate place for identifying someone's "gifting"?

  • Petra Hefner says:

    >>Do you feel like God has somehow “set you aside?” << A very dangerous trap!
    Some churches build little thrones for people. Other churches tear down self-erected kingdoms to follow their Lord and King! The latter produces lasting fruit, the former rotten fruitcakes!
    Great post!

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Couldn't have a better heart's cry, Michelle!

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Tom!

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Thanks Petra – yep, let's tear down all our little kingdoms – there's only one kingdom that counts!

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    I wouldn't say I'm against them, Lisa. I just think they are limited in usefulness and can set us up to think we should only serve in ways that fit our gifts. I think we should just serve wherever and whenever we can, and God will make our gifts obvious – usually the evaluation of others is better than a spiritual gift evaluation.

  • JackW says:

    Amen Mark! I've thought this for a long time and have found that there are many that want to serve, but few that want to be servants. Including me, so it's a continuing ministry for me to just want to be a servant.

  • wondergirley says:

    I have been fighting the deception that Satan was wanting me to buy into all this week. I was asked to hand out worship folders and greet people for this Sunday's service. I saw this task as "menial". Pretty ridiculous, right?

    Satan wants me to think that unless I'm front and center I'm not serving God like I should be, but God wants me to be satisfied serving Him in whatever capacity He deems with a loving heart.

    I'm sure there were days when David probably didn't want to be out with the sheep, but he did it…and rejoiced in it.

    It's not supposed to be glamorous. Being a Christian isn't about's about humility.

  • MarkAltrogge says:


    Welcome to my club. I desperately need the power of the Spirit to make me want to serve, especially when it may involve some difficulty or discomfort.

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Hey wondergirley,

    I can't tell you how critical I see the ministry of our greeters to be. They are the first contact many have with our church. So many people go to churches for the first time and nobody greets them, smiles at them, asks their name or takes an interest in them.

    You are so right! Being a Christian isn't about glamor but humility! Thanks for your comments!

  • Ryan Egan says:

    Thanks so much for this great post, Mark. I definitely needed to read this in my season of life right now.

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Thanks Ryan, I'm grateful the Lord would encourage you through it.

  • Chase O'Dell says:

    This is good! God really used this for me today!

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