What Should We Blog About?

I’m always looking for new ideas when it comes to blogging. So could you help me out?

  • What is one question that you would like to have answered?
  • What is one subject that you would like to see addressed?
  • Have there been any past posts that have struck a chord with you?
  • What blogs are your favorites that we could learn from?

Please take a minute to comment! We need your help!

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  • Heidi says:

    Mental health (namely, depression and anxiety) and the believer. Stigma in the church. Resources (Spurgeon! Etc.).

    Homosexuality–Christian resources for those who struggle with this sin. Testimonies of victory.

  • Michael says:

    How about a single church offering multiple services with different worship styles – is that consumer driven or is it compatible with biblical thinking about the weekly meeting of the local church?

  • Ajay Grayson says:

    Well, first off I’d say I am extremely grateful for your insight. I can’t tell you how many posts have really blessed me, God is definitely working through you. I love your posts on the dangers of legalism, prayer, also the post on god wanting me to be happy really challenged me and others in my caregroup. I’d honestly like to hear your thoughts on biblical manhood, I’m not sure if you’ve written much on it, but that’d be helpful. Also more on the soverignty of God amidst trial, and the stressing of good theology, I hope this helps.

  • Christina says:

    Of course, I will be blessed by anything you do but I'd love to hear some godly wisdom on how the Christian should interact with current events/politics. How does a Christian engage and at the same time not lose sight of our eternal destiny?

  • Laurie says:

    I was going to say the same thing as Heidi. I'd love to hear about depression and anxiety… and I mean real depression and anxiety: panic attacks, insomnia, eating disorder, cutting, don't want to get out of bed kind of stuff. Seems to me not many pastor-ish blogs touch on this stuff, and it exists in our churches. I'd love to hear counsel toward someone in the midst of this, but also perspective on how to help someone else going through this.

  • Erik says:

    If there is one thing I enjoy most about blogs, it's when the blogger gives us a bit of a 'peek' behind the curtain, if you will, and shares with us readers about their life.

    On that note, I'd be interested in you doing a post regarding the vast/broad topic of "the call to ministry", specifically any area of Pastoral ministry, and how God called either/both of you, Stephen and Mark.

    Anyhow, whatever you do, keep up the spectacular photos. THAT draws me into the post immediately.

  • Matt Blick says:

    personally I'm loving the new songwriting posts.

  • MZ says:

    One topic that would be interesting might be how to have biblical spontaneous conversations with your friends. I’m burdened because usually when I meet with friends we talk about different unimportant things and rarely touch the important eternal ones (About christian life, concerns with the church, the advancement of the Kingdom, etc). They should come in a spontaneous way. What can we do to foster this and still be spontaneous and informal?

    Some of the posts that have struck a chord in me: Are you a legalist, A song legalist sing, Faith like gold, What makes you laugh?, Why must we keep asking?, Pen you prayers and MANY MORE! I really like your blog and is an encouragement in my christian life.

    Blessings from the Almighty.

  • L.E. says:

    Well, I just love your blog. Your blog is the only one I read on a daily/regular basis because it is always relevant and the posts are short so they don't take long to read. Often what I have read remains in the head throughout the rest of the day.

    Some posts that have particularly struck a chord with me are the legalist ones, the information age post, song writing posts…. and many more!

    A question I would like answered is "How should we read the old testament" – A lot of it was written to certain people or the tribe of Israel, but can we apply those words to our lives? I guess I'm mainly thinking of heart-warming passages in Isaiah and Jeremiah that people like to quote as if God promises that to everyone…. and then there's Numbers 6 "The Lord bless you and keep you" and all that……. hopefully you can make some sense of my ramble!

    A subject which I would also appreciate being addressed is prayer. I know most ppl, me included, don't pray enough.
    Oh, and it sounds like you have had some experience in children's ministry. I find that creating meaningful conversations with children in kids programs is always a bit of a challenge for me. Sure we can talk about what they did in their vacation, what grade they are in at school etc., but not really deeper things. Any ideas?

  • Bob says:

    You guys do a great job reminding us of our "legal" blessings in the Gospel (i.e. no condemnation), which is essential. Please don't stop. But I would love to see more on what the effect of the Gospel is in regards to our fight against remaining sin. I just really benefit from being reminded regularly that my old man died with Christ and I'm a new creation who can actually walk in newness of life. Remembering this helps me to actually remember who I am in Christ, which helps me to "be" who I am in Christ, which gives me the faith to fight sin. When I forget that, I just trust my flesh and feel defeated.

    In addition to your blog, I like this one: http://thoughtsonthewayblog.blogspot.com/

  • Ben says:

    How about some posts on how to not take yourself to seriously… what does that look like (because it seems you do a good job at it), where is it rooted, what are lines that we cross if we don't take ourselves seriously enough… that sort of thing.

    Also love the songwriting tips… keep 'em coming!

  • Yes, I would love a post(s) on how to turn conversations from shallow chit-chat to spiritual topics. Also, I love posts in general on getting out of our comfort zones and reaching out to others through kindness, friendship, and love. Kind of like the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan.

    Contentment is another big thing. I love the posts on envy.

    Oh, I also like Giveaways. :-p

  • Jill says:

    My 14-yr. old son really likes your song-writing tips. I like all the posts.

  • Kevin says:

    Perhaps you could share about the refreshing insights you thresh from the literary works of your favourite dead Christians. In the quest for relevance, I'm prone to overlook the wisdom of saints from the past and I suspect I'm not alone in this error.

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