How to Listen To Twice As Many Sermons

Generally I don’t think it’s a great idea to do spiritual things exceedingly fast or in high volumes. I’m a big fan of slow, deliberate meditation upon the word of God. I think it’s important to pay close attention to preaching, and not to multi-task while listening to sermons.

But there are times when it’s valuable to quickly read large chunks of the Bible, or read a spiritual book quickly, or listen to a large number of sermons.

But how can you listen to a sermon quickly? It’s actually pretty easy. Follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Download and install the Quicktime audio/video player from Apple. You can download it here.

STEP 2: Download your favorite sermon. Make sure that you know where the file is being saved. For simplicity sake, I always download files to the desktop.

STEP 3: Right click (or control click for Mac users) on the downloaded sermon and click “Open With”. Select Quicktime Player.

STEP 4: Once the sermon has opened in Quicktime, select the “Window” menu, and select “Show A/V Controls” (this may be a bit different in Windows).

STEP 5: In the bottom right hand of the A/V Control Window is a “Playback Speed” slider. Bump the speed from 1x to 2x. Adjust the speed as necessary.

There it is. Simple and awesome. It works for just about any audio file. The human brain can process words much faster than they can be said, and this allows you to listen to sermons at a speed that your brain can handle.

Now you can listen to twice as many sermons!

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