What’s Your Favorite Cold Remedy?

It is now officially cold season, and Jen and I and the girls have been getting slammed the last couple weeks. I’m always in search of the latest, greatest cold remedy.

So would you mind sharing your personal cold remedy? I don’t care how crazy it is. I don’t care if it involves sticking tube meats in your socks or rubbing lard all over your face. I’m willing to try just about anything.

What do you do to fight against a cold?


  • AndrewFinden says:

    Olbas oil, zink lozenges, honey & lemon tea, putting a drop of tea tree oil on your hand and sucking it off..

  • theresa says:

    orange juice and lots of garlic!

  • Tim says:

    Don't have kids. Seriously, this works.

  • Knight says:

    Avoid any and all human contact. This includes spouse, kids, coworkers, and anyone who comes within 15 feet. The only trouble will be Thanksgiving when Aunt Edna will no doubt wrap you in one of her most crushing embraces thus covering you in all manner of germs and viruses. Unfortunately there is only one way to avoid this. Fake your death now!!

    Seriously, I doubt I can be much help as I do not get sick much and when I do it is only a symptom or two.

  • Kim R. says:

    First sign of any symptom…even if it's just feeling run down or that slight sting at the back of the throat or nose…we get zicam started. Then we up the vitamin C in our foods…stay on top of thinning mucus with lots of liquids all day long.

    Helping to prevent…be manic about hand washing before and after meals, after playing with common toys, spray or wipe down plastic toys often…change toothbrushes when you get sick…increase yogurt in your diet to a serving a day. Rest well and often…relax together…lower stress levels.

    Sorry for how miserable you've been…know personally how bad it gets to have one after the other of us go down with it.

  • good hygiene is a plus, but don't go too crazy with it. in the short term it works well, but exposing yourself to germs isn't the worst thing in the world. especially if is smaller amounts of germs that aren't enough to make you sick, but are enough for your immune system to learn what they look like if they ever come back in larger numbers.

    my biggest advice regarding sickness in general: take care of your skin! if your hands become too dry they can be very good entrances for germs to your blood stream.
    sorry, i don't have anything directly cold related: it is a virus. 7-10 days it is usually gone with or without treatment.

  • Karen says:

    Chicken soup – seriously – it might not cure the cold, but it is very soothing, good for you (when you might not feel like eating), and helps the sinuses.
    Vitamin C and zinc help…along with saline spray (the netti pot or bottle is really gross, but it works very well)

  • HannahRuth says:

    We, a family of six, have had tremendous success with zinc, at least 50mg taken at the first symptom of illness, with Echinacea, three-four capsules and vitamin D, 1000mg. When ever anyone says "I think I am getting sick." we give it to everyone with extra fluids(without sugar) and send the "pestilence carrier" to bed early. We often avoid having the whole family getting sick and often the sent to bed early wakes up feeling fine. We only do this when there is risk of illness.

    We also push hand washing to avoid exposure in the first place.

  • Bun says:

    Salt. Megadoses of straight salt. By the tablespoon – as much as you can eat with every meal. Works every time! And if you're throat is sore, gramma would give a teaspoon of kerosene with sugar. Or a teaspoon of Vicks vapor rub (I know it says for external use only, so if you can't swallow it, just put it under your tounge for a couple minutes, or rub it on your teeth).

  • thatsnotfunnymisskatie says:

    A mug of grapefruit juice – as hot as you can stand to drink it, with honey and lemon to taste. A little bizzare, but it sure works! It's like a mega-boost for your immune system. Plus the honey is great for a sore throat/cough.

  • Maureen Hartnett says:

    The medicine that you swab in your nostrils really shortens the duration or stops a cold in it's tracks in my experience. I have friends who swear by their Netti Pots but I I only think they work if you don't drown first. Keeping your hands (and fingernails clean) and keeping your throat moist are really very good preventive measures. I carry gum with me at all times to use if my throat ever gets dry and I only get 1-2 colds a year. But, it is true that little ones up to three years of age catch so many viruses that it is very hard to avoid bringing illness in your home unless you keep the kids away from group events (like church) where they easily get infected. But it should make you feel better that they outgrow this stage. Cheers.

  • Michael says:

    I guard against colds by gargling with hydrogen peroxide 2 or 3 times a day, and vitamin C. If I do get a cold I stay with the hydrogen peroxide gargling vitamin C and use zinc or zicam to try to shorten the duration, as well as keeping my symptoms under control with otc cough suppressants. Hot tea with , honey, lemon juice and a shot of brandy before bed works wonders. Most of all stay hydrated.

  • Dan Kush says:

    6000mg Vit D each morning. 1000mg Ester C With each meal. Then a shot of vodka lit on fire and thrown over my right shoulder just before bed.

  • Elaine says:

    At the first sign of a cold or sinus infection: Sleep! Then Xylear Nasal spray for stuffiness and any sign of sinus problems, lots of water and Mucinex (the Wal-mart brand 4 hour type) to help thin any drainage, Tylenol (when it's not being recalled) or Advil for headaches. If you are totally stuffy, Sudafed as directed. Did I mention sleep? To build up your immune system, begin a probiotic (available at GNC). Start slow, one tablet a day for a week, then two tablets a day for a week, and then three tablets a day for the rest of flu season, then you can back down to one or two tablets per day. Stay away from Zycam – has caused some people to temporarily lose their sense of smell and taste. Vitamin C goes without saying: drink the juice or take up to 2000 mg a day. Did I mention sleep? The only time your body really wins the battle against illness or stress is when you aren't demanding anything else from it. So ….sleep is good.

  • Jonathan says:

    I take echinacea, vit. C, B6, and zinc along with "trying" to get decent rest if I start to feel rundown.

    If you want something that sounds more alternative med. stylin – (and I have tried this – seems to work) is at the first sign of of cold onset (wouldn't recommend for sickness just colds) sit down with a bag of fairly spicy salsa dip and a bag of tortilla chips and eat as much as you can. The faucet-like effect on your nose and throat seems to help clear the unwanted pathogens…actually I guess you could get the same effect from your spicy food of choice…

  • Kate D. says:

    Definitely use Oregano Oil! You can get it at any health food store. It's expensive (around $25) but for each dose, you only drip 3 little drops on a spoon filled with water.. Seriously, my family and I take it when we're starting to feel sick and we haven't had a serious cold in ages!

  • My wife, a nurse, started us on this process:

    1. As soon as symptoms begin to show, start taking AirHealth (or WalMart equivalents)

    2. Begin taking Zycam dissolvable tablets (the cherry-flavored ones are bad; the others are kinda gross).

    3. Drink until you can’t drink any more (orange juice, apple juice, water, just lots of liquids). And then wait until your body takes care of all that fluid (just like what you’ll do with all that fluid, it flushes the body out)

    If you catch it early enough, it’ll knock it out right away.

  • Jonathan says:

    Three solutions. Three cures.

    1) The apnea cure. Just reduce sleep. Big time cure. Will cure almost anything. But, stick with it.

    2) The minty-in-the-windy cure. Run outdoors (no treadmills). Keep your torso and neck exposed to as much cold weather as possible. A bonus tip- it helps to pour Listerine over your face and your shirt to get that minty in the wind feeling.

    3) The salt and yoga cure. And I heard someone say it here- but it bears repeating. Salt, don't overlook it. Take as much as you can handle (for beginners, at least a cup a day). Also, Yoga in a refrigerated room after a cold shower can be a treat as well.

  • Pelican1 says:

    Ginger root tea (made from fresh ginger) and lots of zinc.

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