The Weekly Roundup

Here’s what has caught my eye recently…

  • Crossway Books is giving away a free e-book called “The Sword”. Details here.
  • This is pretty dorky, but as a writer, I’ve always wanted a writer’s hut. Like these.
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I’m married to Jen, and I have three kids. I know a lot about Star Wars, and I live in a van down by the river. I’ve also written a number of books, which people seem to like.


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    I have also always wanted a writer's hut. Shepherd's huts are making a big comeback in England. People are plopping them in their back gardens.

    The Telegraph had a great article about them a couple summers ago, and how writers and artists are using them:

    And here are two posts with a lot of photos of some cool ones. (We were kind of obsessed with them for a month or so there. It came on the heels of our yurt fad.)

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    Ok. I just have to say that seeing you post the twentytwowords link and the Rabbit Room link was odd for me seeing as I commented on both of those posts earlier in the week. It always weirds me out when other people read the same niche websites I do. Glad to see the two sites listed here though. They are two of my favorites. :)

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