29 Things I Miss From My Childhood

Tonight I was reading a book to Charis, and one of the characters in the book said the word “snort”. Apparently Charis thought the word “snort” was the funniest word in the history of mankind, because she kept repeating it to herself and laughing hysterically. This event, combined with the fact that today is my 29th birthday, has me feeling a bit nostalgic. So I decided to compile a list of twenty nine things that I miss from childhood. Here goes…

1. Saying one word over and over, and laughing harder each time I say it. For example: “fart”.

2. Getting super amped up on Saturday morning to watch three hours of cartoons.

3. Watching Darkwing Duck, Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers, and Tale Spin every day after school.

4. Getting really into something for a very short period of time. Examples: Pogs, Star Wars trading cards.

5. Manipulating my parents into buying me an action figure when we went to the store.

6. Breaking that action figure when we got home from the store.

7. Backyard wiffleball.

8. Being coated in sweat and dirt after a long day of playing freeze tag and kick the can.

9. Going to sleep still coated in sweat and dirt.

10. Having a simple faith in the power of prayer. Like the time I prayed that God would allow me to fly.

11. Wearing sweatpants for days on end without one ounce of shame.

12. Watching movies with my dad and having dad try to cover up swear words by saying “BABABABABA” really loudly.

13. Watching movies with my dad and having dad accidentally put the bad parts in slow motion instead of fast forwarding them.

14. My special blanket that had the power to take away all fear and sorrow.

15. Bologna.

16. Being really excited to tell my friends that I had watched a movie rated “PG”.

17. Getting a toy with a McDonald’s meal. (Why don’t they do this for adults?)

18. Playing games with my friends that involved hurting each other.

19. Thinking that I might be a professional basketball player someday.

20. Wearing short shorts and tube socks and not knowing any better.

21. Anticipating the newest release in the “Ernest Goes To…” movie series.

22. Riding my bike to Sheetz for the sole purpose of purchasing a 44oz Slurpee.

23. Getting a refill on my Slurpee.

24. Beating Super Mario Bros.

25. Getting excited about flying on an airplane.

26. Getting a free lollipop from the bank.

27. Drawing intricate designs on my arms and legs with a ballpoint pen.

28. Getting really excited about my first pair of name brand shoes.

29. Not worrying about making lists.

What do you miss from your childhood?

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  • Kathy says:

    The A-frame fort my dad made for me with the real glass windows, the drop down trap door in the back that opened up to a screened in wall for air flow, wall to wall carpet, electricity and a toy telephone on a string that went to the house so we could call my mom for more food. Spending the night out there, making Magic Memories plaster casts of our hands and then painting blood all over them.

  • Elaine says:

    -Shuffling in the sand at low tide, trying to find those elusive sandollars
    -Crabbing with just a chicken neck on a fishing line
    -Going to Barshay's (the nice department store in Summerville) and buying a new pair of red Mary Janes for school and getting a free safety pop from Mr. Barshay.
    -Reading Bible stories to my 5th grade class – yes, it was illegal but our teacher, Mrs. Bradford, didn't care. We read a Bible story almost every day.
    -Watching my daddy flub another joke because he was laughing too hard to get the punch line out.

    It was a great childhood and I hope my children have as many sweet memories.

  • Caroline says:

    Watchin Batman and Robin with my sis at 6pm and hopin that my parents would be back from work only after 6:30.(Also giving enough time for the TV to cool down so that my parents wud not figure it out;)

  • Chris says:

    We made huge 'forts' out of blankets and chairs that filled the whole family room.

    I like your list very much….some universal things in there.

    I like #15 best. And #18. They go together, really.

    And #1 which made me think of this: http://dontknockmysmock.com/

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  • Lindsay says:

    I agree- Darkwing Duck was one of my favs….

    – Catching lightning bugs on summer nights…
    – Playing Oregon Trail on the computer, always naming the people my family member’s names.
    – Making” Jiffy Pop” on the stove with my dad.

  • Joanne says:

    no computers

  • Joey says:

    Man, is this my childhood or yours? lol. Right on, to be a child again! It is awesome, I must say, to watch my son start to enjoy these aspects of being a kid.

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