Our Flimsy Faith


Sometimes we think it’s the strength of our faith that gets things from God. This just isn’t the case.

Jesus said we only need faith the size of a mustard seed. Remember the story about the man who’s son was afflicted by a demon? He said “I believe; help my unbelief.” Jesus didn’t say, “Is that the best you got?? Do you think I’m going to heal your son when you have such flimsy faith?? Come back when you really believe.”? No, Jesus said, “I can work with that!”? Jesus responded to his weak faith and healed his son.

Faith is like a power cord that plugs into a wall socket. The cord itself has no power. The cord is thin and flimsy and weak. But when we plug it in it taps into the vast resources of the electric company, which has more than enough power, vast power, far more than we need to run our vacuum sweeper or circular saw.

Our flimsy weak faith connects us to the ultimate power source, Jesus Christ.

It’s not the strength of our faith that matters, but the strength of the One our faith connects to.? Next time you pray for something and you feel weak in faith, keep your eyes on Jesus, not your faith.? Keep your eyes on the One who spoke and it came to be, who sustains the universe by the word of his power.? Keep your eyes on the One who told the wind and the waves to be still and they obeyed.? Remember his vast power and infinite love for you.

He can work with our flimsy faith.

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  • jon daley says:

    one question i’ve had about mustard seeds and Jesus’ use of them is that mustard seeds are actually quite large, larger than most seeds we planted in our garden. now, faith as small as a snap dragon….

    I’ve wondered if he didn’t pick the smallest seed, or did he pick the smallest seed folks knew about?

  • Mark Altrogge says:

    I’ve read that that was the smallest seed in Israel at the time, tho I haven’t researched it in depth.

  • Elaine says:

    Thank you for this great post; it's so needed!

    When I worked as a nurse, most of our patients had some type of chronic illnesses like heart disease, cancer, kidney/endocrine problems. Many of the families were believers and sadly, some believed the Lord would heal their loved one if only they had enough faith. This belief cast such an overwhelming burden on peole who were already so heavy laden with concern. I remember one funeral where the granddaughter was completely overcome with grief because she was taught that if only she had enough faith, her grandmother would have been healed. What a weight to put around the neck of one so young!

    Thankfully, the Word shows us the truth. Hebrews 12:2 reminds us He is the author and the perfector of our faith; although we have a responsibility to exercise the faith He has given, what a relief that it is not just up to us!

    Thanks again!

  • Christina says:

    While we are called to be Obediant in faith, I struggle to completely agree with this anaogy of amount of faith and Gods power. I have also witnessed in the past where this similar analogy has caused a lot of bitterness and anger amongst fellow brothers and sisters in Christ..

    My point being:

    TRUE the Bible does not specify the exact amount of Faith that we need to have. It just clearly states that the amount of a mustard seed is sufficiant enough. Even if we have some sought along with that seed, it is enough for him.

    YES Godis all powerfull.

    YES all we need to have is the faith of a mustard seed ; BUT isn’t the use or distribution of Gods Power determined by his WILL , rather than our faith?

    If it were our faith that causes Gods power to work, then there would be a-lot less illnesses,
    death, heartache, struggling and suffering in this world.

    It is Gods Will that heals or does not heal. Our Faith is the Obediance of trusting that what ever his will is; we are in acceptance of his will and continue to follow him.

    I share this because of the brokeness I have seen this cause. Causing people to judge one another and exclaim that because of ones lack of faith God did not answer their prayers etc…
    It isn’t our Faith

  • Christina says:

    It’s Gods Will for us that determines the outcome of what happens in our live and around us. It is our Faith that keeps us close to him, knowing that whatever his will, some where in it.. It is for our good!

  • Mark Altrogge says:

    Christina, you said so many really good things that I agree with. It is God's will that is supreme – it is not our faith that heals, but God, when it is his will. And we don't always know what his will is. But we can always have faith that God is sovereign, good, loving and wise. We can always have faith that God is able to heal if that is his will. And we can have faith that God knows what's best in every situation.

    And we should never judge one another and say that it is because of their lack of faith that God didn't heal – I totally agree. My mother had great faith, yet God never healed her alzheimer's – yet till the end she continued to have faith in Jesus that he was good, loving and all powerful.

    Though God is all-powerful, and his will is sovereign, yet he has ordained faith as a means of grace. He tells us in Hebrews that whoever comes to God must believe that he exists and that he is a rewarder of those who seek him. So when we come to God in prayer we should believe he will reward us – in whatever way he knows is best. He may not reward us in the way we desire, but he will reward us.

    Thanks for your excellent comments!

  • Barbeque Sauce says:

    Im pretty sure it wasnt the smallest seed, but its the smallest seed that can make a tree of that size, i've heard. And maybe he used mustard seed for practical reasons.

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