Books I’m Digging, and You Might Too

Here are some books I’ve read recently that I’ve really enjoyed:

Kings Cross: The Story of the World In the Life of Jesus (by Tim Keller): This is one of the best books that I’ve read in a long time. Keller does and incredible job of bringing the reader into the world of Jesus without being overly technical. He also did an outstanding job of connecting Jesus with our culture, and showing how ultimately, Jesus is the solution for every problem. I loved Keller’s writing style and the way he illustrated each chapter. Highly recommended.

Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ (by Russell Moore): Russell Moore is an outstanding writer. He doesn’t write sentences, he crafts sentences, and I have no doubt that his wonderful writing will draw you into this book. What I appreciated most about the book was the way that he connected Jesus to Adam and to Israel. He showed how Jesus triumphed where Adam and Israel failed. Highly recommended.

Red Like Blood: Confrontations With Grace (by Joe Coffey and Bob Bevington): This is a gritty book, which is what I really liked about it. Filled with story after story of sinful people encountering the overwhelming grace of God, this is a very encouraging book. It doesn’t pull any punches either. Bob Bevington talks honestly and openly about how he got snared by adultery and nearly ruined his life, and how God’s grace rescued him. This is a different type of Christian book, which is what makes it refreshing.

A Red Herring Without Mustard (by Alan Bradley): This is just a good old fashioned mystery novel. The protagonist, Flavia de Luce, is an eleven year old girl who is a chemistry genius and who can’t mind her own business. I really liked Bradley’s style of writing. He’s funny, imaginative, and uses unique word pictures. This would be a good beach read.

The Passage (by Justin Cronin): Fact: I don’t read vampire novels. I have never read Twilight nor do I plan on it. That being said, this was a vampire novel of sorts. It involves a government experiment gone terribly wrong that ends up turning people into terrible monsters and sending the world into chaos. Those who survive the chaos must fight back against the monsters and restore the world. I really enjoyed this book, but it’s a big one, over 700 pages. It’s too long to read at the beach, but that would be a good place to start it.

What have you been reading lately?

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