If Jesus Dwells In Me, How Can He Dwell In Me More?

“…so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith…” (Ephesians 3:17)

Weird verse, right?

Doesn’t Jesus come to dwell in our hearts when we become Christians? Yes, he does. So what does it mean for Christ to dwell in us even more? Do we somehow get more and more of Jesus’ spirit in our hearts?

While studying this passage, I came across a helpful illustration from D.A. Carson. He used the analogy of purchasing a house. When Jen and I signed the paperwork to purchase our house, the house belonged to us. The realtor handed us the keys to the house. It was ours. We owned it.

But the inside of the house had some seriously rough spots. The bathroom was fully carpeted and didn’t have a shower. The kitchen had nasty, ancient carpet. The walls were all the same, boring, off white color.

So, we had the bathroom completely redone, with tile flooring and a new shower. We had the kitchen floor replaced with tile, and we gave all the walls a new coat of paint. Jen has been channeling her inner design star and has been hanging different photos and pieces of artwork on the walls.

The longer we’re in the house, the more the house reflects our character and personalities.

D.A. Carson says:

Make no mistake: when Christ first moves into our lives, he finds us in very bad repair. It takes a great deal of power to change us; and that is why Paul prays for power. He asks that God may so strengthen us by his power in our inner being that Christ may genuinely take up residence within us, transforming us into a house that pervasively reflects his own character. (A Call To Spiritual Reformation, pg. 187)

Let’s pray that Christ would dwell in us more and more, so that we are transformed into a house that pervasively reflects his own character.


  • Johanna says:

    This is something I wrote a few months back. and I thought I would share. Your illustration about "the house being transformed", it reminded me of what I was trying to write about.

    God’s dwelling place

    1 Kings 9:3 I have heard the prayer and plea you have made before me; I have consecrated this temple, which you have built, by putting my name there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there.

    Describe the kind of dwelling place you would like to be for Him:

    Pure / Clean
    Full of love
    Sweet fragrance
    Giving / full of gifts to give
    Clutter free – get rid of distractions
    colorful / personality showing Jesus
    Always welcoming / hospitable / open door / House of service
    Bright / Shining His light
    thoughtful / organized….everything in its proper place
    Stress free / anxiety free

    Lord, I pray today that you would wash this house, deep clean my soul. Fill me with love and sprinkle Your sweet fragrance so that all would sense your Spirit. Lord, I give all that I have. Let this house be your house of gifts, providing blessings to all those around me. De-clutter this dwelling so that there is less of me and more room for you. Color the walls of this house. Let the personality and gifts that you have given me sparkle for you. Let me be an open door to your Spirit, welcoming Jesus, treating all those around with heart of service. May this house shine with the brightest light of Your Son, so that in whatever darkness may come, this Light will never be extinguished. Father God, renew my mind and organize my thoughts. Put them all in their proper place. May I always put you at the front. I will serve you always in this house. I know that you will supply my needs. There is no need for stress or anxiety when you rule in this house. Thank you for being owner of this house. Praise the Lord now and forever!
    In Jesus name,

  • Johanna says:

    Thank you for your words. I really loved the insight from DA Carson as well. Blessings! I enjoy your blog very much.

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