Introducing Mark Altrogge Paintings

Original Oil Painting by Mark Altrogge
Original Oil Painting by Mark Altrogge

"Red Barn" by Mark Altrogge

Some of you may know I was an art major in college and got my Masters in Painting.

For the last few years I have gotten together with my 92 year-old dad once a week to paint.? At the encouragement of friends I’ve opened an online store, Mark Altrogge Paintings, to display my paintings and hopefully sell duplications of the originals.? I’m opening with 9 paintings, and hope to add more in the future.

The painting above is featured in the store as well as a painting I did a few years ago for Covenant Life Church’s teaching series, “The Dearest Place on Earth.”

Thanks for taking a look at the paintings.? And if you like them, could you do me a huge favor?? Could you let your friends know about it via Facebook, Twitter, etc.?? I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks again,


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