Church Is Not A Spectator Sport

To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. (1 Corinthians 12:7)

Sometimes we can turn church into a spectator sport. A consumer sport. A “how will this help me?” sport. A “who will reach out to me today?” sport.

But church was never intended to be that way. Church is a full participation, full contact sport. God has given each one of us gifts of the Spirit. You have a manifestation of the Spirit that I do not have. I need the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given you, and you need the gifts given to me. We can’t be half-hearted when it comes to participating in the life of the church.

You have a gift of encouragement – who will you minister to this Sunday? You have a gift a prophecy – who will you speak to this Sunday? You have a gift of generosity – who will you bless this Sunday? You have a gift of mercy – who will experience it this Sunday?

Please, don’t deprive me of your gifts!


  • Tom says:

    Why only on Sunday?

  • if everyone turned up on Sunday poised to minister?

  • Michael Snow says:

    Elton Trueblood wrote on a similar theme, entitled "The Ministry of Every Christian." The point was that, as in Ephesians, pastors/teachers are given to the church 'to equip the saints [that includes you and me] for the work of ministry' [not for the pastor to be the guy 'paid' to do everything]. So, as we gather for strength to be equipped, we scatter to serve one another and the world.

    There is a lot of equipping to be done. Many Christians have a distorted view of Christian basics as seen through the fog of the world.
    If you would care to review Love, Prayer, and Forgiveness: When Basics Become Heresies, I would be glad to send you the pdf.

  • Linda says:

    Note to Michael Snow: thank you for your comment and link to your book. I have misplaced my copy of Elton Trueblood's essay, "The Ministry of Every Christian." I would like to share it with my pastor. If you have a copy available in PDF format, for example, could you please email it to me at ? Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

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