I Want To Be In This Bike Gang

Two words: awesome.


  • randy says:

    seems to be about your speed buddy. i think you can handle it.

  • elizabeth says:


  • lyrics? really fun!

  • Snarky Pants says:

    It's always fun until someone scrapes the skin off their bare feet OR on sees it on youtube, tries it and dies … Fun, but looks dangerous… peace out.

  • billvorhees says:

    I really wanted to like this video so I watched it a few times. But the more I watched it, the more I hated it. Love the idea, but hate the implementation. It's one thing for them to jump off a national monument to live out their glorified playground fantasies when there are no innocent people around to get hurt is one thing. But to be in a populated area, crossing into double lanes of traffic, van dragging a tow strap that could snag on something, not wearing adequate safety equipment, riding barefooted, etc. This video just reminds me of the futility of this sensate generation and it's constant pursuit of childish pleasure, with no thought for the safety and welfare of others on the road, nor the impact on younger people who may try to emulate them.

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