Christ represents us in heaven; we represent him on earth.

What an awesome thought – Christ represents us in heaven! ?The perfect, spotless, Lamb of God pleads his own blood and righteousness on our behalf at the Father?s right hand. He?s the perfect representative! He doesn’t forget a single need. He never takes a break. He knows exactly what it?s like for us. ?He knows just what to say and ask for on our behalf.

What?s amazing is that he chooses us to represent him on earth. For some unknown reason he hasn?t chosen many who are wise, reputable or strong, but he’s chosen weak, flawed, sinful people to represent him to a dying world.? What an honor!? What a privilege!? What a joy!? What a high calling!

And since he chose us, he will empower us and pour out his Spirit on us mightily, change our character, give us gifts, produce fruit, give us power and victory over sin – in other words, make us like himself – that we might represent him and his glory to the world.

What are we to show the world of Jesus? We are to display his holiness, righteousness and purity. ?His joy, gentleness, patience and long-suffering. We?re to demonstrate his faithfulness and heart to serve.

We represent him by word as well as deed, thanking and praising him, proclaiming his good news and appealing to people to turn to him.

So whatever you do today, whether you post on Facebook, go to lunch with co-workers, or take your kids to the playground, remember you represent Jesus! So pray for the power of the Spirit to do that in a way that pleases him.


  • Ron Reffett says:

    Hey there Mark! Great encouragement this morning! (as always!) I'm truly amazed at the power of the gospel. Just the very fact that the Lord has chosen me and has poured out his contra-conditional love is just truly staggering to me. After attending T4G this year I'm encouraged to not underestimate the power of the gospel. And the fact that the Lord chooses to allow a fallen sinner like me to represent Him is just such a humbling thought. May this day be a day of gospel centered representation and an attitude of worship toward this great and awesome God that uses sinners to bring glory to Himself!
    Ron Reffett

  • Mark Altrogge says:

    Amen, Ron, amen and amen!

  • This is great encouragement (and challenge), Mark! Thank you. I wonder if you would ever do a series of posts (or just one) here that speaks to when you haven't represented well. Things like, asking for forgiveness to unbelievers, when the world hates you, or when you have clearly sinned against someone, asked for forgiveness but they reject you (which will happen in the world much more than with a brother/sister in Christ). I'd love to sit and learn from you on those topics if you ever consider. Being in the world and not of it is tough when dealing with relationships especially in a work environment. I so appreciate you blog! Thanks for considering. :)

  • C.J. McMurry says:

    And the great news is we don’t have to sell the gospel as a car salesman sales cars but instead we are more like mail men delivering mail. He did it all and we get to simply and boldly proclaim it!!! Thanks Mark.

  • MarkAltrogge says:

    Wow, Trillia, these are great questions and topics! I will definitely keep these in mind (I'll save your suggestions) and attempt to address them as best I can sometime. Thanks so much – I wouldn't have thought of them.

  • Mark Altrogge says:

    Great metaphor, CJ! Thanks for adding this!

  • lisa says:

    Great encouragement and exhortation, Mark! Thanks especially for mentioning facebook! What a perfect example of something powerful that can be used to do great good or great damage. May our facebook pages always adorn the gospel and represent all those wonderful qualities of Jesus that you listed.

  • Mark Altrogge says:

    Thanks, Lisa! Something about Facebook seems to make people forget the gospel at times. It's almost like it's an unreal world that doesn't count spiritually somehow. But what a great opportunity it can be to glorify Jesus.

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