Pray That You Will Be Crushed…By Love


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My method of studying in college was what you might call “brute force learning”. When I didn’t understand a subject I would beat it into my brain. I would study my notes and the text book until my brain finally tapped out and grasped the subject. I would force my brain to get it. I would put my brain into a submission hold. And that method worked pretty well for me. I made it through college with good grades, without?embarrassing my mom, and without having a nervous breakdown.

Unfortunately, the brute force learning method does not work when it comes to Christ. Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians was that they:

…may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge…

Paul understood that the love of Christ is so vast, so massive, so heavy, so crushingly glorious, that it could not be comprehended with the natural mind. The love of Christ is so expansive that it cannot be grasped, so glorious that it cannot be comprehended. All the synapses and neural pathways that line our brains are not sufficient to understand how much Christ really loves us. If you try to put the love of Christ in a box of natural knowledge it will blow all the doors out.

Charles Spurgeon says:

If there is one subject more than another upon which I wish ever to speak, it is the love of Christ. But if there is one which quite baffles me and makes me go back from this platform utterly ashamed of my poor feeble words, it is this subject. This love of Christ is the most amazing thing under heaven, if not in heaven itself.

Paul prayed that God would give the Ephesians a supernatural knowledge of the love of Christ. A knowledge that was more than head knowledge. He wanted them to know that Christ loved them, not just in a head knowledge, “can you pass the test?”, kind of way, but in a breath taking, heart igniting sort of way.

That’s what I want. I want to comprehend the astonishing, wonderful love of Christ. I want to know the love that surpasses knowledge. I want that knowledge to transform the way that I raise my children and love my wife and lead my church and hang out with my friends. Isn’t that what you want?

Today, pray that God would give you the strength to comprehend the incomprehensible love of Christ. As you wash dishes pray for comprehension. As you walk to class pray for knowledge. As you bang out yet another spreadsheet pray that your brain would be detonated by the love of Christ.

Because when we get it, everything changes.


  • Jennifer Van Wieren says:

    I want to love others this way…and remind them that they are loved this way by God, Psalm 103. I want to be crushed by love but I also want to crush others with love. I think is the way God woos us and we can woo others for Christ. When we are wronged in marriage or in relationships in general, there is a temptation to focus on the wrongdoer's sin. I think when others have sinned in a big way, the temptation for some is to try to "brute force" the wrongdoer into being sorry enough, fully understanding the depths of their sin and it's impact (which may take years to finally figure out till one day they say "hey, wow, that was really huge, that sin that I did…wow"), confessing details, or convincing them that they may not fear the Lord enough. We look for signs that they are sorry enough according to what we expect a sorry person to look like or act like. What is amazing about the Lord is that he woos us. He crushes us with his forgiveness. He is compassionate. He died for us…and for that sin and then he wipes our slate clean immediately. He is not bitter and he encourages us by expecting and assuming more from us. Feeling his love for us, strengthens us and motivates us to obey….talk about "heart igniting". It is his love for us and his acts of love towards us in the times when we sin, especially when we have sinned hugely, that woo us. It's is not just the forgiveness but his immediate treatment of us…never holding it against us through Christ's blood…and loving us.
    I hope that in relationships and my marriage to be able to put my feelings of being wronged by other's sin aside and crush them back with a love like the Lord has for us. My husband has loved me this way and this has motivated me and strengthened our marriage. He practices this even in the smallest moments when I may have been frustrated and said things harshly…and when he turns his heart to kindness and is gentle with me, it is like heaping coals and the holy spirit convicts my heart and I fall more in love with my husband.

  • Guest says:

    I want this so much in my life to know the love of God in a" breath taking, heart igniting sort of way." I think the only way to accomplish this goal is to daily remind myself how much God loves me by reading scripture and memorizing verses that speak of His love for me. It's a daily step by step process. Thank you for the reminder to pray for understanding of God love.

  • Stephen Altrogge says:

    You're welcome! And he will do it!

  • Stephen Altrogge says:

    I want to love like that too…

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