The Story Isn’t Finished Yet


I was filling my tank a couple weeks ago, and the gas station attendant, an elder in another church in town, came out and we struck up a conversation.

He asked me about a particular situation I’ve mentioned in the past – a situation that can discourage me.

After I updated him he said, ?I just listened to a message by Corrie Ten Boom and she told a story about a man who would never read a novel if it had a sad ending. She said before reading any book he?d always flip to the back and read the ending; if it had a happy ending he?d read the novel. If it had a sad ending he wouldn?t read it.?

Then Corrie Ten Boom said that though we believers go through all kinds of trials, we know the end of the story. ?And we know it has a happy ending.

Then he said, ?That?s how it is with your situation, Mark. God isn?t finished writing the story yet. ?But we know how it ends.?

God isn’t finished writing your story either. He?s still writing your children’s stories. Still writing the story of your church. He isn’t finished yet, but we know how the story ends ? ?he accomplishes all his purposes. He conquers sin and darkness and sickness and sadness.

And in the end – Jesus wins.


  • Dave Wilson says:

    Hey Mark,

    Could be that your "situation" is one that can discourage me as well. I felt that the Lord encourage me that “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea.”

    I trust that he will bring the challenging time to a close in due season.


  • Mark Altrogge says:

    Thanks Dave! What a great Scripture to remember – God recently let me see such a small cloud – so I will keep on praying. Thanks again!

  • deb says:

    Psalm 137:2-6 (ESV)
    On the willows there
    we hung up our lyres.
    [3] For there our captors
    required of us songs,
    and our tormentors, mirth, saying,
    "Sing us one of the songs of Zion!"
    [4] How shall we sing the Lord's song
    in a foreign land?
    [5] If I forget you, O Jerusalem,
    let my right hand forget its skill!
    [6] Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth,
    if I do not remember you,
    if I do not set Jerusalem
    above my highest joy!

    What we love deeply affects us greatly.
    I cannot say any more for weeping, except to thank God and others for so much good, and remember to look to what is unseen, and eternal.

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