Win Some Great Stuff From The Band Wayfarer!


Lately I’ve really been enjoy the music on “Wayfarer’s” newest EP The River. I normally don’t like hymns being redone, but these guys have done a fantastic job and have a fantastic sound. You download a digital copy of their EP for free on their Bandcamp site.

Today I want to give away an awesome package prize to one lucky (sorry, providentially selected) winner. That prize includes:

  1. A vinyl copy of the EP. This is for all of you want to experience the music in its finest form.
  2. A band t-shirt.
  3. A silk screened poster.

Just use the entry form below to enter. I would also ask that you would download their free EP. These guys put a lot of work into it and you need to hear the finished result.


  • gjware says:

    The EP sounds fine.
    Do you think these guys are into Mumford and Sons, or is it just me?
    I went to iTunes and bought the 'bonus' sixth track, When I Approach My God, as well.

  • BryanD says:

    hmm…good thought. I was going to say band of horses influence perhaps…

  • BryanD says:

    *this is what I get for not thinking through my post above*

    What I should have said, is musically, these guys are talented. It made me think of band of horses (which I do enjoy). I should not have necessarily assumed or alluded that because listening to wayfarer made me think of band of horses, that therefore, wayfarer must have been influenced by them.

    Simple version: Good job guys. I dig the sound and what you're putting out.

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