22 Ways To Humble Ourselves


Christians should be the most humble people on earth.

We should be so because we have come to know something of God’s infinite greatness and our own unworthiness before him. Here are some reasons why we should humble ourselves before God and some suggestions on how to do it.

Why we should humble ourselves

? Because Christ was humble and we should imitate him.
? So that God can exalt us as he sees fit. “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.” James 4:10
? Because “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6). We shouldn’t need any more reasons than this. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want God resisting me and I need all the grace I can get.
? Because there is safety in humility. Pride comes before a fall ? the humble are less likely to fall, and if they do they don’t have as far to fall.

How to humble ourselves

? Contemplate the infinite greatness of God
? Consider your innumerable sins against God and the unbelievable mercy he’s poured out on you
? Contemplate your human frailty. Your every breath and heartbeat, your eyes, ears, strength, and mental health are all from God. He could remove them at any time.
? Contemplate your complete inability to control a single thing in this life.
? Realize that every good thing, talent and gift you have is a gift from God which he could remove at any time.
? Contemplate that if God did not keep you from sin you’d plunge headlong into it
? Confess your sins and temptations to God and others
? Ask forgiveness of those you sin against, even if they sinned against you first. Even if they don’t ask your forgiveness in return.
? Be quick to listen and slow to share your own opinions
? Don’t be so sure you’re right all the time
? Consider that there are multitudes far more gifted and godly than you are
? Cultivate thankfulness
? Contemplate your many areas of weakness ? share them with others
? Realize you’re dispensable. If you died today, things would go on just fine without you.
? Realize that the things that bother you about others may be things you do as well
? Invite constructive criticism.
? Serve others. Wash others’ feet. Take on lowly jobs in your church.
? Take an interest in others. Consider others more important than yourself.
? Pray. ?Prayer is an act of dependence and humility.
? Ask for help, wisdom and prayer from others.
? When others compliment you, thank them, then give all the glory to God in silent prayer.
? Rejoice when others are promoted, praised or honored.

What would you add?

P.S. I’ve got to add one more. ?Probably the most important one:

–Regularly contemplate the cross. ?Nothing should humble us more than the perfect, sinless, Son of God willingly pouring out his life to rescue those who hated him and rebelled against him.

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  • john ngigi gatama says:

    Perhaps I have been one of greatest sinners that ever lived:-
    I was so proud that I thought my college professsors were not worthy to teach me so I failed;
    I was so proud that I thought I could do some truly awesome things in like inventions and concept writing.
    There was a time I used to think that the Lord Jesus was just a mere man and anybody could independently be like him
    I used to denounce prayer to be noise making
    I believed in aliens and thought they were helpful beings though a born again school mate had warned me that these are devils
    I consulted witchdoctors
    I attempted suicide
    I loved naughty things like pornography
    I even attempted to live a self righteous life hoping to get riches
    I thought I was the best of the best and could not agree to settle for anything less than number one. Just imagine I dropped out of a race once for being in position two!
    What a terrible sinner I have been. My list could go on to many many sins… but God’s grace is great for a truly worthless sinner like me has found mercy to recieve forgiveness and a chance of rebirth. I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. By God’s grace my sins have been forgiven through the blood of the Lord Jesus.

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