What If You Got All The Smartest Men In The World Together…


Dude, this party is cuh-razy! Check out that corner over there. Must be nerd corner. That guy in the wheelchair, that’s Stephen Hawking. Apparently he has, like a four digit IQ. See that dude with the mustache? That’s Neil deGrasse Tyson, the director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City. Oh my goodness, is that…that’s Albert Einstein! Man his hair really is crazy. I wonder what those three geniuses are talking about. I probably wouldn’t even be able to follow along. Those guys are so smart, my brain would collapse if I listened to them for more than three minutes. Those are some greatly smart people (yeah, I know that’s an awkward sentence).

Woah, check out that huddle over there. That must be where the jocks hang out. There’s Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest athlete ever. Look at those diamond earrings he’s wearing! And there’s Stephen Strasburg, the pitching phenom for the Washington Nationals. If I’m not mistaken, that’s Cal Ripken. THE Cal Ripken. Iron Man himself. Oh, and wouldn’t you know, Michael Phelps. Boy, I’d like to hang out with those guys. There’s some serious athletic firepower in that group. Those are some greatly athletic people.

Now that’s odd. What’s that giant pile of books in the middle of room? It appears to be a massive pile of encyclopedias, in all sorts of different language. We’ve got Syrian encyclopedias, English encyclopedias, Medieval?encyclopedias, religious?encyclopedias, astronomy encyclopedias, and a whole lot more. There are also a bunch of famous, history-altering books. We’ve got Thomas Paine, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Sun Tzu, Chairman Mao, Karl Marx. It’s crazy! There is a lot of knowledge and ideas piled up here. A great amount of knowledge.

And then there’s that corner over there. There’s nothing in it. Wait, there’s slip of paper with something written on it. On it is written Psalm 145:3

Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable. (Psalm 145:3 ESV)

Turns out that if you put all the smart guys in the world together, you’ll come to the end of their greatness. You can search it out. If you collect all the athletes of the world, you’ll come to the end of their strength. If you take every book ever written, including all the encyclopedias and dictionaries, you’ll come to an end of their great knowledge.

But you’ll never come to the end of God’s greatness. It is unsearchable, inscrutable, and unfathomable. Our God is great. All knowledge is his. All power is his. All strength is his. The nations? A drop in a bucket. The A-list celebrities? Dust in the wind. The people of power? A vapor.

Our God is unsearchable in his greatness.

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  • C.J. McMurry says:


  • Nathan Dahlhauser says:

    So, let me get this straight; An excerpt from a book, written by bronze-age men, is supposed to be enough to throw our hands up in the air and declare the quest for knowledge a futile effort? That piece of paper could have said Psalm 1075:17 "The skin color of God is purple and his breath smells of lemon Pledge. Don't question it." and you would have eaten it up. It's some words from a book written by someone that had no concept of lightning being electricity, instead thinking it to be the wrath of god. Those smart guys in the corner do nothing but try to disprove everything they think is true. Is it better to hear a claim and check it's validity or to hear a claim and take it as fact, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary?

  • Brad says:

    I don't think the intent of the article is to say not to seek truth. In fact, the writer seems to be honoring these men because of their intellectual and physical qualities. He is merely pointing out that the Bible says God's greatness is unsearchable or there is no end. Not saying to give up the search, but how can our finite minds understand and grasp an eternal and infinite God. As God reveals Himself through His creation and His Word the more I realize I have yet to learn.

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