New Music For You To Enjoy

Here are some new tunes I’ve been enjoying lately. I’ve embedded a player for each album, or a song on each album, so RSS readers will need to click through the post to listen to the music.

West Coast Revival – “All That Thrills My Soul” – This is a new EP by my friends, Jonathan, Ryan, and Meghan Baird. I co-wrote the song “Behold Our God” with these awesome musicians.

The Gray Havens – “Where Eyes Don’t Go” – I first heard these guys on Tim Challies website. They’ve got a really cool sound. And you can download their album for free!

The Lumineers – “The Lumineers” – These guys are kind of like “Mumford and Sons” lite. I enjoy their folksy sound.

Chris Tomlin – “Burning Lights” – Gotta confess, I’m not a huge Chris Tomlin fan, but I have been enjoying this album.

Lights and Motion – “Reanimation” – If you need some good background music, this is your ticket.

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