Five Lies Sin Tells Me


LIE:?This is such a minor, insignificant sin! It’s not really a big deal in God’s eyes.

TRUTH:?Every sin is a horribly offensive to God. Sin is the sum of all evils, the opposite of all that is good, holy, and beautiful. Even the smallest of my sins required the death of the Son of God. There is no such thing as a minor sin. Every sin is cosmic treason.

LIE:?I’ll give into sin this one time, then I’ll be done with it. I just need to get it out of my system.

TRUTH:?Every time I give into a sin it becomes more difficult to break the power of that sin. Sin has a way of sinking it’s barbed hooks deep into my heart. I can’t simply sin and then walk away from it unscathed. The more I give in to sin, the more entangled I become. Sin always leaves scars.

LIE:?This sin is part of who I am. I’ve always struggled this way and I always will sin this way.

TRUTH:?Sin does not define my identity! I am a new creation in Christ. Christ has set me free from the enslaving power of sin. I absolutely do not have to obey the sinful passions that surge through me. I may have always struggled this way, but my past does not define my future.

LIE:?I need to give in to this sin in order to be happy.

TRUTH:?Sin never provides true happiness. It promises sweetness, yet ultimately delivers a payload of destruction, dissastisfaction, ruined relationships, and hardness of heart.

LIE:?God wants me to be happy, therefore it’s okay for me to give in to sin.

TRUTH:?God does want me to be happy. However, my happiness will only rise as high as my holiness. Sin ultimately erodes and destroys true holiness and true happiness.


  • Brian says:

    I gave into one of the lies and what you said is so true. You said: "Sin never provides true happiness. It promises sweetness, yet ultimately delivers a payload of destruction, dissatisfaction, ruined relationships, and hardness of heart." I did not guard my heart like I should have which resulted in lots of coming entering into my heart such as bitterness/unforgiveness, homosexual lust, lots of self-pity etc. I keep on habitually committing these same sins and it's really discouraging me and it's resulting in so much doubt in God and His Word. I feel like He is a million miles away from me and though I have a desire to read His Word and be in prayer I feel like he won't answer me. I tried to read His Word and go to prayer but since I didn't feel anything I felt discouraged and stopped.

  • Brian says:

    I know I shouldn't rely on my feelings but it's so hard to go on when you feel like God is through with you. . . and it's because of my sinful actions. I've become complacent, lazy, and at ease. I tell myself I need to read His Word. I tell myself that I need to draw towards God instead of drifting away like I should have but day after day I don't read His Word. I wonder if I'm even a believer. Then there are times I tell myself no matter what I feel I will draw towards Him, even though I have so much sin in my life but I draw back.

  • Jason says:

    Brian, guilt and shame are powerful hurdles to clear before accepting God's grace and forgiveness. Your feelings of inadequacy, in regards to God's love and mercy are normal. I can't give you a "fix-all" for your struggle with finding time for getting into God's word, but you have to find something that works for you. I struggle with the same thing. I cannot seem to get myself up early to do it before work, and if I wait to try to do it at bedtime, I'm often so exhausted that I can't focus. For me, reading or listening to podcasts (I really enjoy the Daily Audio Bible for its simplicity) has to happen on my commute to work. Just praying without reading the Word often will not provide a feeling of God responding. Often times, our response comes from praying and feeling a sense of God's response while you're poring over scripture. It's really a matter of being determined to take the first small step, then another one… One thing you have to have faith in, is that God is faithful and just to forgive us if only we should ask. It is a heart condition, being genuine, but from what you've shared, I feel like your heart is in the right place.. Praying you find peace in God's mercy and forgiveness.

  • Kathy Bailey says:

    Brian, keep seeking Him, and know it is His Work, not yours! Jason, good word!
    A great book is The Discipline of Grace. It talks about how discipline and grace are two sides of the same coin. We make the choice to follow hard after Him, and His grace empowers us!

  • I can identify with your struggle with besetting sins, some of which, like bitterness, I had become unaware because it was so much a part of my life. Kind of like a fish not knowing that it's wet.

    I hope this encourages you. Many years ago, I was at a particularly low place in my life and dealing with some very harsh realities like death, divorce, job upheavals, and frustration over my personal sin and failures. I was not in God's Word with any regularity. All I could manage to do was listen to podcasts from ministries like Grace to You, Whitehorse Inn, and Ravi Zacharias. God in His mercy began to do a work of refreshing in my life that continues to this day. It did not happen overnight, but my appetite began to grow for God's Word, and I began to understand the Grace of God in a way that I never had. Many years have passed, and God's Word has become my daily food (I can't imagine a day without it), His mercy and grace has become real, and those besetting sins have fallen away because Christ has become more glorious to me than the fleeting things of this world. And I know, down to my bones, that this has been a mercy of God.

    So my encouragement to you, if you find it difficult to read God's Word, listen to good teaching, there is so much available today. At this season in your life, you might find Tullian Tchividjian particularly helpful. Saturate your mind with the truth of Christ and His glory and grace. And as the old hymn says, "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, and look full in His wonderful face, and all the things of earth will grow dim in the light of His glory and grace."

  • Ryan says:

    "I’ll give into sin this one time, then I’ll be done with it. I just need to get it out of my system."

    Oh man, this hit the nail on the head for me. Thanks for reminding us of the truth, Stephen!

  • Jon says:

    Brian, we have all been there. what your experiencing isn’t Gods fault. You must come to that conclusion otherwise you will be at a dead end. The word asides is of that. You need faith. A real faith. The bible teaches faith like this: “turning from idols to the living God”. Notice faith is turning to the living God and away from idols. This faith and repentance are the same coin just opposite sides. Repentance is faith from the backside. Repent of your sin and turn to God in faith knowing only he can save you from your sin. I also have experienced what you are explaining. Except nearly for a year and a half I was this way. Depressed every day and down. No meaning or purpose. It wasn’t untill I repented and turned to God on faith that I finally had Gods peace in my heart. Gods allowing you to go through these emotions so that you have no hope but to look to him. Thank him for these things. Get in the word. Seek God with all your heart. YOU WILL FIND Him! And most importantly he will run to you as soon as you repent of your sin. I was a million miles away. I turned around. God ran the distance I made between me and Him. Read the story of the prodigal son. That’s what happens! And let me assure you that the only way to repent is to turn to the living God from your idols or sins. Sin is a absence. That is why it never fulfills fully. Faith in God is substance, there you will find Him: the source of your every need.

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