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My name is Barnabas Piper, and the best thing that has ever happened to me is receiving the email asking me to write for The Blazing Center. I am so thrilled to be granted the opportunity to write for this illustrious blog and hopefully some of its aura and ethos will rub off on me. ?(Full Disclosure: Stephen demanded I write that.)

In all honesty, though, I am excited that Stephen asked me to contribute to this site and am looking forward to it.. Here is a little about me to help you know whose stuff you?re reading. Because you will read it. I am married to Lesley, and we have two daughters who say funny things and are cuter than all the other kids. I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, which means I was infected as a child with the Vikings/Twins/Timberwolves bug and have yet to find the cure. If they ever won any games of significance it would help, but I?m not bitter.

For the past twelve years I?ve lived in the Chicago area where I went to college, got married, worked in publishing, and became a dad. Recently, though, we moved to the Nashville area so I could join the Ministry Grid team at Lifeway. I do social media and content marketing (meaning I tweet, blog, and share lots of content). If you are in ministry the site is well-worth checking out.

I blog about all sorts of stuff at BarnabasPiper.com, but I especially love books, sports, and coming at ideas or observations in fresh ways. I write often about the process of learning to truly know Jesus and what it really means to live as a Christian. Every week WorldMag.com is kind enough to give me a spot to write for them too. When I have spare time I?m either reading or I find a game of some sort on TV and then write some more. I have a book releasing in the summer of 2014 from David C. Cook called The Pastor?s Kid: Finding Your Own Faith and Identity.?(More information to come – much, much more.)??You can follow me on Twitter for brilliant insights, gut-busting humor, and depressed rants about Minnesota sports.

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  • I’m a PK also. Were you named after Barnabas Collins on “Dark Shadows”?

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