Christian Athlete Sees His Vertical Increase By 40 Inches After He Memorizes Philippians 4:13


(The Holy Herald) -?Terrence Wilkins was just an average kid with average athletic skills. He is five feet, four inches tall, and used to sit the bench for his Junior Varsity basketball team. Until last Thursday, that is.

“Yeah, it was kind of crazy. I came home from practice on Wednesday, and I was really discouraged. I had done really poorly in practice, and coach told me that if something didn’t change, he was going to have to cut me from the team. That’s when I remembered that Jeremy Lin [point guard for the Houston Rockets] is always talking about Philippians 4:13. So I decided then and there that I was going to memorize that verse and that I was going to believe it. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ALL THINGS, yo!” Terrence rolls up his sleeve to show that he has written “ALL THINGS” on his arm in magic marker.

His coach, Rob Thomas (not the guy from Matchbox 20), describes what happened the next day at practice. “I still can hardly believe it myself. You’ve got to understand, Terrence is a small kid. He probably weighs 110 pounds, and up until Thursday he couldn’t even touch the bottom of the backboard. On Thursday Terrence walked into the gym, grabbed a basketball, and proceeded to do a 360, through the legs, off the backboard, slam dunk. His head was literally twelve inches above the rim. My jaw practically hit the ground.”

“Yeah man, it was sick!” says Wilkins. “As soon as I started believing Philippians 4:13, my vertical increased by at least forty inches. I can now dunk from the foul line. I also hit twelve three pointers in a row in practice. People were like, ‘What’s up with you dude?’ I just pointed to the sky so they would know I was giving glory to God.”

Terrence is exploring playing AAU ball this summer.


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