Why I Prefer Indie Publishing Over Traditional Publishing


Tomorrow, my latest book,?The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Thoughts On Following Jesus, Amish Romance, the Daniel Plan, the Tebow Effect, and the Odds Of Finding Your Soul Mate?officially releases.

As most of you probably know, I’ve had the privilege of publishing two books through traditional publishers (man, talk about a pretentious sentence!). I’m really grateful for all the people I’ve met and all the neat opportunities that have come through working with traditional publishers.

However, in recent years I’ve made the conscious decision to move away from traditional publishing and into indie publishing. Most people think this is a relatively stupid idea. Or, they associate indie publishing with terrible authors who can’t get published by traditional publishing companies. But there really is a method to my madness. There are some very specific and concrete reasons I prefer indie publishing to traditional publishing.


The truth is, for me, indie publishing is way more fun than traditional publishing. The reality is, publishing companies need to make money on the books they publish. I don’t fault them for that. After all, no money means no company. The downside to this is that publishing companies can’t afford to take risks on books. They need to know that they’re going to at least make back the money they spent publishing books. Again, nothing wrong with that.

However, what this practically means is that publishing companies tend to be primarily concerned with platform. If an author has a big platform, he can get published (see Jefferson Bethke, etc.). Or, if an author writes a controversial book guaranteed to raise the hackles of large numbers of people, he or she can also get published (see Rachel Held Evans, Rob Bell, et all.).

I have all sort of books I want to publish that don’t quite fit into the mainstream of Christian literature. The Inmates Are Running the Asylum is more in the vein of David Sedaris and Dave Barry than John Piper.?I want to publish a collection of short stories. I want to publish a novel that doesn’t conclude with everyone getting saved and the marriage being rescued and the football team winning the championship. Indie publishing lets me follow my imagination wherever it may lead.


Without going into specific numbers, I can say that indie publishing has been?really, really?good to me. My last release,?Untamable God: Encountering the One Who Is Bigger, Better, and More Dangerous Than You Could Possibly Imagine, has sold very well. The reason for this is simple: I have fantastic friends who have really helped me promote the book. I don’t have a marketing team. I don’t have a video team to help me create controversial book trailers (ala, “Farewell Rob Bell”). I just have a lot of great friends who have helped spread the word about my books.

Going the indie route has also allowed me to be really generous with my books. I’ve easily given away over 20,000 copies of my book?Create: Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Stuff. That simply wouldn’t happen if I had gone the traditional route.

So am I done with traditional publishing? Not necessarily. But I’m having so much fun right now going the indie route, I’ll at least pause before I consider signing with a traditional publisher.


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