When Should You Write a Book, Buying Your Way onto Best Seller Lists, and Is Everyone Really a Winner?

81qt1ga+v3L._SL1500_We are nothing if not sensitive to the desires and requests of our listeners, so this week all three of our HOT TAKES are in direct response to listener submitted questions. You too can submit your questions for us to discuss right HERE. But now it’s time to dig in without further ado.

  • Gut Check with Ted Kluck
  • How can you know when you’re good enough and in the right position to write a book?
  • It turns out a lot of Christian authors (not just Mark Driscoll) have bought their way onto the NYT best-seller list. Is this ethical? Is it acceptable?
  • It seems that today everyone gets a trophy and everyone is a winner. Is this true? What are the effects on kids when we treat them this way?
  • And, of course, a BIG THANK YOU to Crossway Books for sponsoring The Happy Rant, specifically their brand new book, Things of Earth, by Joe Rigney. You’ll have to listen to find out why this book is so awesome.

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