Goodness from the Interwebs for 3/2

A handful of links that interested, amused or informed me from around the interwebs:
  • Everyone loves those awesome maps that show the favorite team or most famous author from various authors. Well, these 27 maps are just the opposite – completely useless and unhelpful.
  • Last week Kevin Garnett played his first game back with the Minnesota Timberwolves since 2007, and it was an awesome moment welcoming a hero home. In this touching video two Minnesota sports legends reunite. Ok, so it’s not touching at all. But It. Is. Awesome!

  • Jimmy Fallon’s game “Wheel of Musical Impressions” has generated some awesome moments on his show. Christina Aguilera’s impression of Britney Spears is one of these. (Skip to 1:45 if you only want that one impression.) For someone who was in my early teens when these two came to fame as teen pop music rivals this is utterly fantastic.