Goodness from the Interwebs for 5/1

  • What happens when a school administrator refuses to call a family trip to Boston an excused absence despite the fact that is was because of a death in the family and the Boston Marathon? Well, what happens is that a thoughtful, well-spoken dad drops some serious knowledge on said administrator. You tell her, dad.
  • America is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad place. And it’s stupid too. How do I know this? Because now we have selfie sticks designed to look like hands so sad, lonely losers can convince people they actually have friends.
  • You’ve heard of Asian carp, the uber-aggresive invasive fish that have taken over midwestern rivers and lakes? Well, these Illinois boys have some ideas of how to get rid of them gladiator style.

  • A speech jammer is a device that plays back your own voice at a slight delay rendering you, well, completely ridiculously unintelligible. And it is hilarious. Watch this guy try to read a Dr. Seuss classic while using one.